The difference between cloud server (cloud host) and VPS

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Take rental to analogy, is also renting, and some houses are a set of houses separated into many (VPS), although each has a kitchen and toilet, and some houses, rent is the whole house (cloud server).

A VPS virtual machine runs on top of a physical server, and the virtual machine of the cloud server runs on top of the physical server cluster.

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Make it clear what the cloud server is.

First of all, the cloud server is something. Cloud server is some actual hardware equipment, through virtualization technology, can be large-scale unified scheduling, and as a "one" machine technology. You can't see where it is, you can't see its CPU, memory, hard disk, but you can easily take it as a "one" reality in the host to operate, whether the configuration software, test performance, or upload files are no different from the traditional server.

More importantly, the cloud server can balance the load, when your bandwidth, memory, hard disk is not used, you can click the mouse at any time to increase the corresponding services, through flexible adjustment to meet the needs of various changes, but also to control costs, which is the largest cloud server selling point.

How to differentiate between cloud servers and VPS

Since it is not a real host, cloud server is similar to the VPS virtual host? In fact, VPS is a real host virtual into a number of small hosts, performance is often not guaranteed, and the cloud server is a large number of server arrays, in the balance of load after the birth of many virtual hosts, There are basic guarantees for both data security and performance.

It can be said that cloud server is a similar to the VPS Server virtualization technology, VPS is the use of virtual software, VZ or VM on a server to virtual a number of similar stand-alone server parts, each part can do a separate operating system, the same management method as the server.

Cloud Server is in a group of clustered servers virtual several similar stand-alone server, each server in the cluster has a mirror of cloud server, thus greatly improve the security stability of the virtual server, unless all the servers in the cluster all problems, the cloud server will not be able to access.

Cloud Server Advantage Analysis

Cloud server can effectively solve the traditional physical rental and VPS services, the existence of difficult management, business expansion of the weak defects. In the actual application of the cloud host has three advantages:

1. Cloud Server service configuration and business size can be configured according to user needs, and can be flexibly adjusted;

2. The cloud Server service that the user requests can realize the fast supply and the deployment, realizes the elasticity scalable in the cluster;

3. Flexible billing methods, users do not have to pay a deposit, and have a variety of payment methods for users to choose.

By the way, cloud server and VPS differences?

VPS is a machine divided into n multiple for apps use. This may be CPU memory is shared, and sometimes a machine above may be dozens of, hundreds of VPS. But in the cloud server, memory these are exclusive, give you 4G, you must get 4G, will not appear everyone grab memory, who are not moving, this is from the perspective of virtualization.

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