The difference between network marketing and network marketing you make it?

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For the network marketing and online marketing of these terms we should not be unfamiliar with it, then what is the relationship between the two, what is the difference between: What is the difference between online marketing and network marketing estimates Many of my friends in the first contact with Internet marketing, like to Network marketing and network marketing confused, that network marketing is network marketing, network marketing is the network promotion, it is not true, first talk about the difference between the two. Network promotion: focusing on the promotion of the word, literally to understand it, promote the word meaning is: make the product as much as possible to let more people know, as long as letting others know that this product, and that the purpose of promotion reached It is also a successful promotion. Often less investment in network promotion, in terms of manpower, a person can operate. The key to the success of network promotion is execution, such as changing friendship links, which is a very basic promotion. Internet Marketing: It focuses on the word marketing, and we do marketing is not just as promotional purposes, people know the product can be friends. The key is to produce the actual economic benefits. Measuring how well a marketing job is done is often about how many products or services are sold. And usually the network marketing investment is relatively large, nor is it one person can get, need teamwork. The key to successful online marketing is creativity. For example, event marketing, many people know, but also understand how to operate. However, the key to the success of event marketing depends on whether the event planning is good or not. The one point is that it depends entirely on creativity and the same event can not be copied. Not to say that execution is very strong, very hard, you can come up with a good idea. So deep forests remind everyone doing network marketing, we must pay attention: "We are doing marketing, not doing promotion, do not stare at the promotion of data to see." For example blindly to see the IP number and the like, we must look at the final marketing effect.

Network marketing is a pre-network marketing work, network marketing lies in planning! ! !

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