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This morning we'll talk about the skills of net making, which are some of the doors that make money on the internet, but it's also a very easy project for millionaires.

Domain name investment is divided into the following categories:

A class of large enterprises in English or pinyin.

This category is difficult to find again, we can focus on some new enterprises, timely registration of their domain name, but now, everyone began to pay attention to protect their own brand, so generally in the want to go public or development, will be registered in advance of their domain name, this is the past, the time to fry one of the main means of domain name, For example, we can search our city domain name, basically are foreign people registered.

This can only touch the opportunity, there is a registration immediately expired some of the domain name of the station.

There is another way, is to register some famous large Web sites, such as the. cn domain name, such as This is a listed company's website, I registered their

Two kinds of short, good memories.

There are some domain names, such as 1-3 combinations, very easy to remember, for example, some combination of numbers, the domain name itself is to let others remember easy access to our station, such as 51,QQ, which itself has no special meaning, but because it is short, and easy to remember, this domain name compared to the first domain name, flexibility is greater, Easier to shoot some.

This resource has been very few, because the introduction of a domain name, 3 of the following is basically very soon after the registration, now is occasionally some is not renewed, but also by the registered master to the register.

The pinyin of three kinds of new things

This is my personal knowledge, does not represent the real market, interested in investment friends, can first inspect the market, this operation is mainly targeted at some models or houses to register, for example, there is a property called Corn bus, then I can register this domain name because of long, and is specific, so generally will not be registered, and then I put the station to do, is a forum form, and then made owners forum, this appearance whether I sell or I changed hands are very easy, because there is a huge audience, a community forum, there are a lot of business can do, even if they run a profit.

New-born domain name is mainly rely on their usual attention, to see where there is another opening, and immediately to register, even to the real estate companies, they are willing to accept, as long as the price is cheap on the line.

Four categories of their own look good to remember.

For example, there are some domain names, such as 52cz, I love Chuzhou, but most people do not understand, is the register of psychological understanding of a class of domain names, this kind of domain name each look very pleasing to the eye, are very difficult to sell.

For example this is when the exchange chain is prevailing, there is a famous chain called 54LINK, so I thought this 16LINK is a first-class chain meaning, but has been not to go out, there is a 16TEAM first-class team, this also did not turn out, sometimes, we think good, Others do not necessarily think good, so the fourth class domain name, as far as possible not to register.

About our own use of the domain name:

We usually use our own domain name, only 2 purposes:

One is to let others remember us.

Second, there is a certain meaning that belongs to us.

Therefore, it is suggested that as far as possible, do not have the number of Chinese in the middle of the 22 combination, but as far as possible is the use of numbers is full number, the use of English is full English, pinyin on the full pinyin.

Chinese are more accustomed to pinyin, so we can make some more representative of the phrase pinyin to when their domain name, our domain name is very simple, is to let others one eye can remember, pinyin is the most easily remembered

Here is a little bit of domain name investment tips, I hope you can think of some good domain name, immediately note down, the future will bring you unexpected wealth.

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