The domain name of the internet of things, tens of thousands of experts said should not blindly follow

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Keywords Should not reporter follow the bandwagon blindly

The intermediary transaction SEO diagnoses Taobao guest stationmaster buys the Cloud host technology Hall

Reporter recently learned that the city has a company is inviting small and medium-sized enterprises to registration of the domain name on the internet, called the price 3~6 million, said that after the registration of enterprises will have ten years of property rights. However, the municipal People's committee said that the current investment in the domain name of SMEs is too advanced, need to be cautious.


Propaganda says it can be marketed through IoT

A few weeks ago, after a lecture at a micro-enterprise training course, Mr. Zhang received a telephone call from "Chongqing Climbing Co., Ltd.", which said that the company could help Mr. Zhang to do business marketing on the internet of things so that more potential users could know their products.

What service can the company provide to Chongqing's small and medium-sized enterprises and microenterprises by means of the internet of things? The reporter contacted the company's business personnel on the spot, and in the last Thursday, he heard the lecture of the company--"2011 National Symposium on the Development strategy of the Internet of Things". There are about 40 business operators in the field. The keynote guest, named Rengan, a visiting professor at a prestigious university, Rengan the company's services to entrepreneurs: a "full web site" of search products that can be found in the Internet, mobile internet and radio and television networks. This person introduced, the product by the Chinese Academy of Sciences leading development, science and technology project, Hangzhou hand interest to provide service support, aimed at building "where customers go, business to do where" "new mobile marketing model."

Rengan said the company can register the keyword resources at the full Netcom site, similar to the purchase of keywords on the internet search engine, or advertising on the portal site, so that when the enterprise's potential users also on the same platform, search for this resource, you can understand the enterprise's products or services. However, a one-time registration of ten years before the title can be obtained. The reporter in the information provided by the Teng, such as "China aluminum" and other resources have been registered, registration fee of 36,000 yuan/10, 60,000 yuan/10 years.

Yesterday, the company's sales week introduced, the afternoon about 8 customers to pay for the registration of "smart meter", "Chongqing medical" and other resources, and five or six customers have paid a year registration fee deposit. "The resources they are registering are not available on the phone when they are online." Xiao Zhou said, however, enterprises can not only register their own marketing, but also as an investment in the future can be bought and sold. The reporter noted that in the resources that have been registered, "China aluminum" is not for the Chinese aluminum Company registration, but by the name of "Qin Dachun" individuals to register, in addition, "Chongqing Real Estate", "China Motorcycle", "China's financial" and so have been the individual registered.


"Full-Netcom site" Suspect is the enterprise behavior

Yesterday, Teng staff told reporters, he only know "full network site" by the Chinese Academy of Sciences Shanghai Micro-system and Information Technology Research Institute, Zhou Zhigang and Hangzhou hand-fun company launched, whether there is a Chinese Academy of Sciences led unclear. The reporter then logged on to the institute's official website and saw that there was indeed the Associate researcher, and that the Shanghai Institute of Micro-Systems and information technology was indeed the institution directly under the CAS. However, the reporter noted that the "full network site" of the online Registration Management Center link, did not appear in the Chinese Academy of Sciences under the website.

I am the city of things networking experts, the Council of Economic and Information technology director Yixiao also said, in addition to the Teng, currently has not heard of other companies in the city to engage in the business. The staff also said that they are the only company engaged in the "full Net access" resource registration in Chongqing.

Surprisingly, the reporter then to "China Netcom site Registration Management Center," The Web site domain name inquiries, in the National Ministry of Industry and Information technology "ICP/IP address/Domain name Information Record Management system", the reporter found that the domain name belongs to a Chongqing registered "delicious recipe Network" site, the domain name belongs to a surname "Rong "The individual holds, however its registration in this year September 29 changes, currently registered for Hangzhou hand-fun technology."

"All-Netcom site" is so magical, and what is the relationship between the Chinese Academy of Sciences? Reporters noted that prior to the media reports, the staff of the Chinese Academy of Sciences to introduce the leadership of the Institute, but many departments of the Chinese Academy of Sciences have not heard.

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Experts say the investment is too advanced should not blindly down the fork

For the city of Small and medium-sized enterprises, microenterprises at this stage is suitable for the registration of resources marketing or investment, easy to say, "personally think or ahead." "He bluntly, the internet of things has just started, although we all agree that the technology, think the development prospects are very broad, but really nurturing the market still need process." "Chongqing is now the development of the Internet of Things is a more broad choice of applications, such as car networking, telemedicine, such as the future of the vast number of consumers to apply larger areas." Yixiao said, the city of Small and medium-sized enterprises, micro-enterprise to the development of the Internet is best to combine the business and future development direction, the operation should be cautious. "Some enterprises even do not understand how to marketing on the Internet, I personally feel that the current network of things on marketing money, may be white." "he said.

In my city engaged in mobile internet investment in China's Internet News Center in the southwest, director of investment Ke Xiaohui but think, the use of Internet marketing is sure to help enterprises, enterprise investment as early as possible, but because the internet has not yet become popular, ordinary people can not empathize with the Internet for everyone to work, life brings convenience, A little ahead for some entrepreneurs.

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