The Domain name registration marketing strategy of 5 big virtual host companies in China

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With the increasingly competitive market, domestic virtual host service providers have also been through the domain name to occupy the market, so a variety of marketing strategies have been discovered in the market, now see the domestic 5 major virtual host Giants how to play domain name:

1, Million network

Million network domain name registration play is the brand and qualification: China's first domain name registrars, there is a certain brand base, do not play ads, also do not play the price, so, the price is particularly high, also do not need to play any advertising, have a certain amount of ownership and user volume, each month can also maintain a certain increment. Can say, million net is the brand achievement he.

2, the new network

New network domain name registration play is advertising: although it is also China's first batch of domain name registrars, but the main channel, the accumulation of channel users will not push the new network of brand, then realized that the brand, relying on direct user transmission, so began to do direct users, put a lot of advertising, while the price is also relative to the million nets, Have a certain advantage.

3, Linkage World

Linkage World Domain name registration play is the registration price: linkage The world basically rarely dozen ads, rely on the first year of the price to attract users, a variety of domain name suffix in the industry has special advantages such as COM domain name 29.9 yuan, CN domain Name 19.9 yuan, TM domain name 10 7990 yuan, a lot of media to give reports, customers are basically their own search over, which also allows the world's domain name to increase rapidly to the top 8, the price achieved a linkage world.

4. Western Digital

Western Digital Domain name registration is mainly playing ads: in fact, the West digital domain name price no advantage, but the Western digital caught a bit to play advertising, that is the brand, the current open Web site everywhere in the West Digital advertising, Network Alliance, bidding, hard wide, soft wen, basically all used, But the Western Digital all most of the advertising is to play the brand as the goal, it can be said that the advertising achievement of the Western Digital brand, and the brand has also achieved the Western Digital Domain name Holdings.

5, the era of interconnected

Era of Internet domain registration play is stable: the era of interconnection early years in fact, advertising is playing very well, also pay attention to advertising, the brand is formed in the early years, it is regrettable that the influence is not so big, but the accumulation of users in the early years and their overseas users have been able to bring him the number of domain names, therefore, Whether it is price or advertising or brand, the era of interconnection has been put down, to create a stable feeling.

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