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The website enhances the weight, enhances the PR value, increases the website outside chain is a method. Among them the group constructs the blog and goes to the blog to leave outside the chain is also increases the outside chain the way, but the blog platform's difference, the outside chain effect is also different. For example, many blog hyperlinks are JS calls and no effect. 08 I analyzed more than 100 mainstream blog platform, which blog "Friendship link Plate" article content "" message "and other places to stay in the chain is effective, so little do not work hard, so that interns can quickly to carry out, improve efficiency. Last time, Tencent Weibo and Sina Weibo share the data of 40 blog platforms, which has aroused the welcome and attention of many Bo friends. Among them, Tencent Weibo was warmly relayed by more than 90 friends.

Picture: Tencent Weibo was broadcast 97 times.


Today, I continue to share the spirit of no reservations, all 129 blog platform outside the chain survey data are shared with you. I hope we can use it for you.

Figure: TOP129 blog Platform outside the chain survey data


Today to share the full picture version of the data, a few days to provide a document version of the download Ha, will be in micro-blog and related QQ group the first time to tell you. If you 211.html "> think this data is good, please leave a message to support Ha, give me a point to continue to share dry goods power." In fact, in addition to the TOP129 blog platform outside the chain survey, I also counted hundreds of forum "post" "replies" "Personalized signature" and other positions of effective outside the chain of investigation and analysis, and then have the opportunity to share with you.


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