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Jing-dong and Suning 15th, the price of the tide known as "the Worst in history" price war, the U.S. "Overseas newspaper" 17th published a commentary that market economy conditions, price war is unavoidable. This not only forces the enterprise to "make progress", also can let the consumer obtain more convenience. Of course, the premise of price war here must be legal. On the contrary, no price competition is not necessarily normal, such as the real estate industry headaches.

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"Kiss, did you buy home appliances today?" "In recent days, this very ironic greeting is popular among Chinese netizens," he said. Jingdong Mall CEO Liu 14th on Weibo announced: all of US electricity to guarantee than Gome, suning chain at least 10% cheaper, and set up a "dozen Suning headquarters." Suning Gome followed up the price reduction, "any netizen found that suning easy purchase price higher than Jingdong, will immediately adjust prices and pay." A few big electric dealers "unprecedented" price war 15th full battle.

This huge price war triggered a large-scale social onlookers, some people cheered, think can take advantage of the opportunity to pick up, some people think it is farce, ridicule, suspicion, disgust ... Even, some worry: "This vicious competition will drag down small and medium-sized enterprises, and ultimately a monopoly, home appliances cheap era will soon pass." ”

However, unexpectedly, the price war of several major electric dealers did not attract too many consumers, the warring parties were burst prices, or the Web page discontinuity can not open, cheap but out of stock and other customary promotional practices, the so-called "blood spell." The smart watch of Alibaba's main price search and comparison of a Amoy release report, said that the average price of the east of the morning is not falling, gome when it is honest to reduce prices.

To know, the real price war needs is white silver, will inevitably lead to a lose-lose. After all, the logic of enterprise existence is to make money. Even if the temporary appearance of Liu boss said "below cost" price war, but also for future profits.

No matter what the conspiracy behind this war is circulating, the enterprise war objectively helps to promote competition, therefore, consumers can not worry about this, just enjoy the price war brought about by the benefits.

Of course, the premise of price war here must be legal. But the real legal price competition, is the enterprise competes for the market share a common form. In the market economy, price war is unavoidable. This not only forced the enterprise to "advance", but also to enable consumers to obtain greater convenience. On the contrary, no price competition is not necessarily normal, such as the real estate industry headaches.

As Liu said: "Do not put eggs in a basket, if a seller 90% of the sales are from Taobao, you always stand in front of a horse uncle, if Jingdong, Taobao accounted for half, you in Ma Yun and Liu before forever is ye!" ”

Just, playing tricks, play the means, can not always work, the media to say, "Everyone is on the Micro Bo, who can be stupid how much?" The lesson of the Beijing-East volume soared 10% of the report card, although fair, but far from Taobao last year, "Singles Day" 50 percent discount, a one-time turnover of 5.2 billion yuan to break the half, enough to explain the problem.

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