The electric Dealer "Cat and Dog War" is coming.

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March 30 Night, Jingdong Mall released a new domain name "", and the use of a "Joy" Metal Dog as a brand mascot image. Some netizens joked, "It seems that in the next period of time," > China electric Business will be the cat and dog War.

Last year, one of Jingdong's key rivals,, officially replaced the, and enabled the "Cat" as a brand logo. Jing Dong finally will brand mascot identified as a dog, also be netizen biography as this is hope "dog can hold Cat". The Beijing-east side, said the mascot dog's moral is "loyal to the owner of the well-known, at the same time with integrity."

From the Internet field of view, choose a lovely animal as a brand mascot has been more common, such as Tencent's Little Penguin, Sohu's little fox, yy voice of the small raccoon, where to go nets, such as small camels. Jingdong suddenly abandoned the 9-year domain name, the industry believes that is because the domain name of Jingdong is too cumbersome, and because the domain name and brand name is not the same, not too in line with Chinese input domain name habit, and that is this point, users are accustomed to search through Baidu to enter the Beijing-East page. Every year Jingdong needs to Baidu and other search engines to pay about 60 million yuan in the flow fee, the equivalent of "someone else grilled a layer of skin." Therefore, in order to further expand the user, reduce the reliance on search engines, Jingdong at the expense of replacing the domain name for many years.

And from the whole electric business industry, because the rapid development of the industry makes the network shopping is to a broader and ordinary crowd expansion, making the electric business enterprises are competing in the domain name, brand image and so on. A domain name, logo war has been among several major electric dealers. It is said that Tencent's Shang network will enable a new and more concise domain name in May this year.


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