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Prior to the industry point of view, compared to the domestic retail industry as a whole at the stage of extensive development, Suning does not seem to be a distributor to do the node, or not to show such a large amount of strength.

Suningyun Vice Chairman Weimin

However, weimin response to this is very positive, "Su Ning is indeed a must do." It seems to him that the difference is only a matter of timing and that timing is accurate.

2009, Suning electronic e-commerce online suning easy to buy test operations, 2010 Suning Easy to purchase the official launch and operation. By the end of 2012, Suning purchase annual sales reached 15.2 billion yuan.

Su Ning Vice chairman weimin to billion power network revealed that over the past few years from the income, to do the investment benefits of entities significantly better. Su Ning has done this comparison, the entity store general case cost is slightly higher than the electricity quotient, but optimizes after the entity storefront, each aspect will be better than the electronic commerce.

"This requires a dynamic approach or a static view of the problem." Physical stores from the financial crisis, there has been a large decline in growth. It used to be 50%-60% a year, and now the real store is growing back to 10%. This reflects Su Ning's grasp of the future trend, now e-commerce no matter how large, and then there are more than 150% increase. "Weimin thinks, for Suning to do electric dealer certainly not only see investment income this dimension, more important one is to see trend."

Suning's main business is home appliances products, and according to the introduction, home appliances category is the most suitable to do the category of electric. "Home appliances is a standardized, homogeneous high degree of products, more suitable for online display, introduction, and do not need to do some personalized trial, and a lot of home appliance products themselves need distribution, do E-commerce is also a relatively fit category." "Weimin said.

It is understood that up to now suning in the global Shop about 1700, covering areas including mainland China, Hong Kong, Japan and so on, 2012 by external macro-control, home appliances incentive policy exit and the rapid development of new channels, Suning can store sales revenue fell 12.38% Year-on-year, Suning Electric Business part of Suning easy to buy 2012 range 15.2 billion, the year-on-year growth of more than 150%.

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