The electric trader seizes the independent brand market or will drive out the price war

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Hi Amoy net "> own brand pre-sale

Red Net Changsha April 8 News (reporter Shangwan) along with including Lok Amoy NET, Lok Bee Network, including a number of vertical channels to open the original brand of the road, today, Hi Amoy Network in the day of the cat pre-sale platform one-time debut two independent brand "Hisisters" and "true Bead Language", the product covers BB cream, toner, Mask and other categories of 19 items.

Compared with the brand electric quotient, there are more brands in the channel electric business platform, it is difficult to get out of the differentiated operation, so it is not easy to avoid the large-scale price war. On the one hand, the cost of operation, promotion, profit more thin, on the other hand, price war smog, are not conducive to creating a good online shopping environment. The emergence of original independent brand, gradually become the current vertical electric business to pull off the solution of differential management.

The time is ripe for channel electric business to operate independent brand

Amoy brand in recent years in the bombing and gentle under the sword, online shopping consumers have basically recognized this kind of born from the Internet brand, they because of unique style, thoughtful service, consumer demand can make a quick response to consumers to buy a favorable degree of increase. such as clothing in the field of the seven, crack silk, cosmetics, such as the field of olive oil, the annual sales in billion on the Amoy brand numerous. Compared with the General Amoy brand, channel electricity after several years of platform construction, has a clear brand promotion advantages, by relying on a larger database to obtain business insights, should be able to get rid of the death by selling hands to sell the road, embark on the real brand. Again look at the current competitive environment, the market homogeneity serious, the electric business consumer environment still takes "parity" as the characteristic, but the supplier brand gross profit margin is very low, so the situation, the independent brand nature is to the time of the shot.

Consolidating differentiated strategy with original independent brand

The independent brand created by the channel electric dealer usually inherits its own platform gene. For example, the original users of the main crowd for the target consumer prototype positioning and design, the use of the original advantages of the channel to promote, will also attach channel characteristics to the independent brand. According to the director of the brand Tao Net, because 3 years of Hunan TV program "More Amoy more Happy" gathered a large number of young viewers and their beauty makeup needs, the independent brand "Hisisters" is specifically tailored for this type of users, packaging design is also dedicated to enable 85 after the illustrator, positioning more youthful, Sister-shared emotional routes in the marketing of the unique, and other platforms independent brands to form a difference.

Original independent brand collection channel electric operator All aspects of the advantages, in fact, the channel is the focus of the difference in the competitive advantages of the channel, and between the channels and the platform because of the reality of the brand is too strong, the independent brand can take up the task of consolidating the differentiated strategy, with the difference, it is possible to flee the price war.

Seeking brand breakthrough in subdivided category

"The platform has been set, and in terms of segmentation, China has a lot of opportunities, in a subdivision category, first of all have the hope of shaping the success of the brand." "When it comes to how competitive the brand is," said Li Chengdong, a leading analyst, "There is no absolute faucet in too many categories."

Single look at the field of cosmetics, the category of fine differentiation has become a trend, the key is fast, ruthless, quasi. For example, the flagship of the low-end oil, the main mineral mask of the Royal Mud Fang, the current development form are very good. And in the channel of the Independent brand, Le Bee network of Static also focus on the film-type mask, according to the relevant product technician revealed that just on the line of the original brand hisisters, the promotion of the focus is a color of the liquid, and the equivalent of Lancome formula plus the price of low-end, playing a ruthless battle for users.

Hey Amoy net independent brand flagship product color liquid

Occupy the leading position of the subdivision category, there is the ability to make rules, the pricing right firmly grasp in the hands in order to perfect break the price war. From the consumer's point of view, channel power companies to use their own upstream and downstream resources to launch their own brand, there is indeed a lot can be respected, such as the use of in-depth interaction to explore the real needs of consumers, the selection through the international certification of manufacturers, exposure to production process, the cost of the intermediary and too much advertising to achieve the benefits.

According to the Hi-Net related person in charge, in the process of doing TV, and Korea cosmetics brand research and development expert Xu Wanxi Mr., brewing two years, finally asked the city. Xu Wanxi is the "father of BB Cream in Korea", with 18 make-up research and development experience, as South Korea's Pacific (601099, shares bar) Cosmetics Co., Ltd. Senior researcher and Cosmax (Shanghai) Limited Institute Director, is currently the Italian Intercos (China) Co., Ltd. Director of research and Development. Its Gemini brand true bead language and hisisters are made by Shanghai Zheng Mingming Cosmetics Co., Ltd. Unlike the general domestic certification, the company "access to the European Union and the United States FDA GMPC dual certification", the implementation of drug makeup level of dust-free production, "only wear a body safety clothing can enter the production workshop."

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