The end of an era: IE, which once accounted for 90% of global market share

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Absrtact: The world may not have a second browser so love and hate: As the world's largest historical installed capacity, but also is the most spit browser, IE 6 today stopped the update. The browser, which once accounted for 90% of global market share, has

The world may not have a second browser so love and hate: As the world's largest installed capacity, but also the most spit in the browser, IE 6 today stopped the update. At this point, this has accounted for 90% of the global market share of the browser has gone through 12 years, witnessed the internet world ebb and flow, all kinds of ups and downs.

Since the rise of opera, Chrome, Firefox, ie 6 seems to have become a "Mom and Dad's browser", so that everyone is very happy, even the special spit slot IE 6 comics and Web site. In the end, Microsoft itself can not stand the cynicism, with ads and those black IE 6 people play "black".

In fact, IE 6 was the most advanced browser in the world and one of Microsoft's most successful products. It was marketed in 2001 with bundled sales and support for Flash and Java, successfully defeating Netscape as the world's most popular browser. However, it is because of its popularity, IE 60% for the hacker's favorite, all kinds of edges and corners of the loopholes are hackers found to attack the browser, to steal user data.

Even in the era of Chrome's rise, ie 6 still has a relatively good performance and a large user base to occupy a part of the market, even their own brother IE 7, ie 8, ie 9 are unmatched. As of today, IE 6 still dominates the global 4.5% market share.

Today, the former giant has finally fallen. Maybe it's hard for us to see more interesting cartoons of slot IE 6 in the future. Let us in the hearts of the silent Word, "IE 6, rest in Corps."

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