The end of the letter to achieve three net traffic free of charge or can be used to pay

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Original title: Ishin is holding up big strokes: At the end of the year is expected to achieve a total of three net traffic free, mobile payment or use of telephone billing settlement payment system Yes, you did not read the wrong, I did not misplaced, the article is indeed "Li Yuchun", the reason for the choice to put Li Yuchun's picture, is because the letter has been determined Strive to make all the corn into easy to credit households. Ma Yun recently in Ali internal push "dealings", full of vigor, attracted a lot of eyeballs, and compared to the high-profile appearance of the "easy letter" appears especially silent. But according to 36 Krypton understand, next in the product and publicity, easy letter will gradually throw the killer-three net flow free. Ishin at the beginning of the line, the telecommunications users have been varying degrees of traffic concessions, such as registration to send traffic, monthly return flow, and so on the telecommunications user flow of all free plan has been in progress. However, only to reduce the flow of telecommunications users is clearly not enough to contend with the micro-letter, and Ding Lei This is also a painful determination to and micro-letter first war, and backed by China Telecom operators Tree, simply to play a little bigger, mobile, Unicom users use the same as comprehensive traffic. According to 36 Krypton understand, easy to believe "three net traffic free" service, China Telecom led and mobile, Unicom communication, all mobile, Unicom mobile phone users of the use of easy letter generated by the flow of tariffs, all by the telecom, the current cooperation between the operator framework has been basically determined, if not an accident, will be officially launched at the end of the year. According to the letter of internal disclosure, although in the first-tier city users of the flow of perception is not very strong, but for college students, as well as users of the two or three-line city, it is extremely lethal, this is also easy to believe the promotion strategy at this stage, as far as possible to hold the first-tier cities, the focus of the rope to occupy college students, as well as the two or three-line city. Ishin Total registered users have been tens of millions, the recent target is 30 million. In addition to the three-net flow free, easy letter also in the layout of mobile payment, but completely different from Alipay or micro-letter "binding bank card" way, easy to believe or the use of "network billing" way, directly with the mobile phone charges to pay, by telecommunications to provide relevant support. For example, if the user needs to buy a texture expression, the micro-letter way is to use the binding of the bank card to pay (IOS version only through the itunes payment channel), and the easy letter can be directly used in the form of debit charges, than the binding bank card is also more convenient. If not unexpected, easy to believe that mobile payment, but also support the three-net settlement. Even if I am a mobile or unicom user, to buy the letter of the expression, can also directly use my mobile phone balance to pay. Whether it's easy to believe, to socialize, to challenge micro-letters in social relationships and product features, it's almost impossible, and the only breakthrough is in differentiated services. Ishin due to China Telecom, the operator of the Big tree, in the user flow relief on the absolute advantage, and also gradually release the power of operators, such as mobile payments. But even these big strokes are not likely to pose much of a threat to the micro-faith, but to the test. WeAlso very look forward to, and how to take it.
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