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The annual "NPC and CPPCC", see many people's deputies, CPPCC members regardless of the level of culture, are not satisfied with the information provided at all levels of government, but continue to visit grass-roots research, through their own eyes, hear, find their own concerns, and through further research, the formation of informative, Sentiment a proposal for public opinion and a brilliant choppy for "marketing" their own proposals. It makes people think of content marketing.


12 session of the National People's Congress opened (Network news pictures)

First, these deputies, CPPCC members, with their rigorous attitude of roots research, answered the question of "where content marketing content comes from"--the vast majority of content marketers have not seriously considered this issue. Of course, this problem does not exist, content marketing content is derived from the real life, a variety of network content and service is to solve the real needs of people to appear.

But with the rapid development of the Internet, this is not the problem has become a big problem, in the "only ask the results, do not ask the process" under the Guiding Principles, the network content of the "realization of the marketing results of the process" was ignored-"said more, sell more" well! From the search engine marketing point of view, is "more content, more included, more" Always at the top of the keyword rankings.

Therefore, the "everything" network has become a source of content for many content marketers. In particular, in today's production standardization, service standardization of the background, any industry content is basically the same, "collection of false Original" "doctrine" easy, effectively improve the work efficiency and save money.

With such a content marketing strategy, more content marketers are streamlining their content-making processes, in order to "create more seemingly high-quality content" in a shorter period of time, some people focus on the network of various hot spots, behind closed doors, making a variety of marketing content, more direct "copy collection Pseudo false original"-everyone willingly, no, Scrambling to turn their website (or other content carrier) into a "content farm" with a variety of "content just meaningless interspersed keywords". Farm


Now "Content Farm" has become a general trend (online image)

Although content marketers can be understood with such wishful thinking, they are not clever and difficult to achieve. First of all, such "copy collection Pseudo original" Continue to go on, will give the entire marketing team to instill a terrible wrong idea-their marketing products from the Internet casually "copy collection pseudo original" to deceive people, is false.

This "copy collection false original" marketing attitude continues to be very dangerous, it is difficult to go farther, let your marketing skills how to bow horse skillfully-because any marketing is the marketing and customer communication between people, is sincere.

Second, the Internet does have any industry content, but there is no the most important thing-you marketing products and services, "unique selling point" and "brand temperament", that is, "painting tiger painted skin difficult to draw bones", "the picture is difficult to write is the spirit" of "bone", "spirit. Let you how to work behind closed doors, you can not find your product services, the spirit of the company's brand (the most important "unique selling point"), it is difficult to dispel the consumer that "similar product services online, why do I have to choose your product services" question.

Some enterprise network Marketing operators said, now their "copy collection False original" is "people in the lake, involuntarily", as long as the situation slightly improved, they will change the way of thinking.

But it is conceivable that marketing has never been easy, later there will be unforeseen challenges, if the formation of a fixed marketing model-has turned their own web site (or other content carrier) into the broken "content farm", the future to start again, from the beginning, such a statement is not only unrealistic, is not responsible.

Third, many websites so pay attention to the law to upload more "content just meaningless interspersed keyword" spam information, is to meet the search engine marketing needs. Let's not say now Google, Baidu and other mainstream search engines to "content is just meaningless interspersed keyword" content farm crackdown; even though the hardships from the search engine to import traffic, but also through the content of your site to convince each other, and you are purely "copy collection false original" content without personality, It's hard to convince people to choose your service-so there's a steady stream of "fake free" internet-fooling consumers.

It's true that content marketing is not easy to make, but the idea that it's only a relatively easy part of marketing now, and that the hardest part of the marketing process to stay in the future is not going to work-because it can be difficult at any time and you can't avoid it. You only in the beginning of marketing, hard to find solutions to the most difficult problems, your marketing will really overcome difficulties, getting better.

In electronic commerce to electronic, network marketing to networking, online marketing and offline marketing gradually merged into one today, content marketers want to be in the fierce homogeneity of the competition to kill a way out, only to those who put a variety of information reports do not look, and constantly run grassroots, busy investigation of the NPC deputies, CPPCC members to learn, Back to the real source of the content of the site-to users, to the forefront of production, integration of our website (social marketing) content, to find their own marketing objects "unique selling point", gradually formed their own unique content strategy, and perseverance.

Otherwise, the low cost of content marketing is also the cost, and if you do not reach the established marketing goals, so the so-called low costs are cumulative, it will become the most expensive cost-not to mention it wasted the most valuable marketing time, irreparable.

Admittedly, as some content marketers say, in the current spread of information over time, content depreciation, "User Content focus period" sharply shortened, "reasonable not sound high" has become the past, only the marketing carrier-content is not enough, but also must pay attention to marketing skills, can arouse the concern of the potential audience, to achieve their own marketing purposes.

But the successful experience of the "marketing practices" of NPC deputies and CPPCC members suggests that as long as you really go into the industry, thoroughly understand this industry, will certainly find unique evidence examples even unique marketing performance means, can not blindly "say", "said more", and "sell more" is not proportional.

To this end, they "eight, recount", use data to speak, use video to speak, use evidence to speak, a word-speak with the facts, make their proposal to get more people's approval.


Legal provisions of the same nature-"booklet" Versus "Voluminous" (Network video screenshot)

For example, the 12th session of the CPPCC member Liu Bingjiang face the focus of the interview reporters, when talking about the proposal of amending the air Pollution prevention and control law, it not only lists the data chart of coal usage in China, America and India, but also explains "the booklet" and the heavy American legal provisions in the Chinese Air pollution Prevention law. In contrast, people can see the necessity and urgency of amending the law of Air pollution control in China.

Even more, in 2007, when the NPC delegation of Liaoning Group discussed, the NPC representative Mao Fungmi reflected that Tieling 18 rural farmers drinking water for a long time contaminated, and "to speak with evidence", immediately showed two bottles of local contaminated drinking water samples, the matter was quickly resolved.

These "marketing paradigms" deserve our careful study, learning, it must also be stressed that for content marketers, the focus on national political news-especially the "national two sessions" benefits, from which you can not only focus on the whole country's economic macro trends and industrial development trends, found that can be used for my business opportunities and marketing topics ( Wenzhou businessmen have been emphasizing "every day to watch the news broadcast"); and can be from the two councils on behalf of members of the "proposal marketing" and the major media "run reporters" in the "News War" to learn marketing, really jump out of the narrow "professional limitations"-because "prison" of "ears" is not equal to focus.

Lu You poem Cloud: "The paper gets the end to feel shallow", "ru fruit wants to learn poetry, Kung fu in the poem" (This article by Gouyn12 original first, copyright, Wenzing, reprint, please indicate the article in the form of link to the Origin and this statement, thank you).

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