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"March is over, the cruel season." Under the genial spring scenery hides the murderous. The seasons change, new things come up, and the last season's control tries to choke off their Yu Youxia. ”

Li Yu, founder of Tiger Sniffing, said in a column that she implied a complex mood among telecoms operators about micro-letters such as OTT (Internet companies crossing operators and developing data Services).

Yes, when the micro-letter gradually replaced the phone number, operators from the role of the pipeline more and more near, if the future can only be reduced to highway "road workers", the operator is certainly not reconciled. So the message of the micro-letter "occupation letter" is flying, and even moved out of the Ministry of the leadership, want to use the "right" to suppress the micro-letter.

However, as Li Yu said, the last season's Masters, "not to kill their own new opponents."

But this does not prevent the same emerging rivals from launching a violent reversal.

As operators put pressure on micro-credit charges and rumors raging, a survey from Dcci showed that more than 37% of users said the micro-credit charges will shift "position." People are starting to look for the next micro-letter.

The port, and the micro-letter similar to the Japanese and Korean descent of mobile instant Messenger products line, not only in the United States and micro-letter confrontation, but also with Qihoo 360, in Tencent's backyard design an attack.

Less than 4 months into China, line has harvested thousands of downloads in mainland China, and mapping alone has brought millions of revenue. While the micro-letter despite the 300 million users have not been profitable, not to mention, the micro-letter itself has not yet completed the product form, internationalization of the road resistance and long, Tencent can laugh to the last?

The only thing that can be proved is that when line hooked up to the "charged" express, a gaping hole in the seemingly solid micro-letter, it meant that the reverse attack was much easier in the mobile era than in the PC era.

360 Power line Reverse attack

Mobile interconnection There are no broken stones

(citation) By virtue of QQ This large backer, more than two years to change back to the overall situation of hoodwink, is suffering from the Korean company NHN Japan subsidiary line in the user streaming, profit mode on the double challenge.


Enter China less than 4 months, million downloads.

When stationed in Beijing line (even my) South Korea team will be ready for a full dou of money in front of 360, righteously demanding to do a wide, they completely did not expect this plan will be 360 rebuffed. Even less thought is that the 360 is respected, but in line eyes as if it is "soil" can not be "soil" of the promotion scheme, unexpectedly will let line in 360 mobile phone assistant starting day download volume, is the Chinese apple Market one day download Volume 20 times times. At this time, the user volume of micro-letter changes are no longer significant.

When micro-letters were rumored to be charged, nearly 40% of users immediately began looking for alternatives, and Line became one of the alternatives for the four users.

When sitting on 300 million users of the micro-letter is still figuring out its own profit model, line in Japan, only 20 million of the user, has been brought to it last year to close billion yuan of the feast.

With QQ this big backer, two years change back to hoodwink the overall situation of the micro-letter, is suffering from the Korean company NHN Japan subsidiary line in the user streaming, profit mode on the double challenge.

Last year only with the aid of 360 mobile phone channels, it showed a strong growth momentum line immediately became the Internet Review topic of the new favorite, line will become a micro-letter of the Nemesis, staged reverse attack China Mobile IM market drama?

360 Push line "hat trick"

Micro-letter Unprepared

In a football match, a player who kicks a ball three times into the opponent's goal is called a hat-trick. In line and micro-letter contest, is performing such a wonderful scene.

360 channels with the line of cooperation is very simple, 360 is responsible for line in China's promotion and follow-up services. Through the 360 mobile phone helper Download line application generated by the profit, in the future by two to share. The larger the line download, the higher the 360 gains you will get in the future.

Do not underestimate the line behind the 360, if not it, line will never be so easy to kick the ball into the micro-letter goal.

It is not just a handshake that can be done. The telephone, the meeting, became the 360Line promotion team and Korea team daily routine work content. 360 familiar with mobile phone assistants, if the user's initial experience of the product is not good, even if the product upgrades many times in the future, it is impossible to recover the lost users. In Japan's successful line, the first question to enter China is how to improve the product and adapt to the Chinese market.

360 is not the line of the product directly to carry out two development, but according to the Chinese market, the user needs, to the function of the proposed improvement ideas, and then to the Japanese Research and development Center to complete.

Line product itself is no need for users to actively add friends, as long as the line users, mobile phone address Book in general Use line contacts will automatically become its line friends. 360 to this function and put forward further requirements, line can be with micro-letter, Sina Weibo and even everyone network friends through. Anyone who uses line on these social platforms can be added automatically.

On the contrary, line will continue to raise their demand. To do things with the perfect Japanese, 360 is responsible for providing the server and the room also put forward a higher standard. To line all kinds of service security, all have to adopt the domestic other products more than one times the standard. 360 the server and engine room configured to ensure the line's high quality free call effect is close to 10 million RMB.

Whether it is 360 true gold and silver to pay, or a sincere suggestion, all let have free call function, with many social platform friends Interworking line, in the user experience slightly better than still stay in the walkie-talkie-like message, only with Tencent internal such as QQ, Tencent microblogging and other products through the micro-letter. This is line into China, the first kick into the micro-trust goal ball.

Hard wide, is line in Japan, Korea just launched when the most direct way, in Taiwan also chose a valuable Golden Horse actress Gui Lun magnesium for its endorsement. Just to China's line attitude is very clear, "I want to advertise"!

In the jaw-dropping 360 eyes, this requirement is almost madness. In China, the Internet products are hard to do is undoubtedly "meat dumplings beat the dog", money is not flattering. No amount of money spent on the blade is wasted.

And South Korea's stubborn collision is the line placed high hopes of 360 of the insistence. Truth, Case peremptorily on the other side of the table, the Koreans compromised. Sina Weibo has a line on the figure, the Internet media on the 360 will be with the Japanese products line cooperation news, 360 mobile phone Assistant starter Application, line impressively in the column.

In line is still grateful 360 original rebuffed, only the line user steady growth, an "accident" appeared.

"Do you charge for micro-letters?" "Most people in the scientific community are very clear about this. By the end of March this year, this rumor has become a change of taste, into a micro-letter to the consumer charges, which has 40% users of micro-letter "treason" scene.

No matter who put the sniper behind the micro-letter, line is undoubtedly one of the biggest gains. The number of users has changed dramatically, not only in terms of reputation, but also with micro-trust.

This second foot "accident" goal, let the micro-letter really some unprepared, in the face of the loss of users have to "crisis PR" once, openly to clarify, "we do not charge for micro-letter"!

No matter how fast and surprising the first and second goals are, they are not enough to shake the position of the micro-letter. After all, people who have tried to betray the micro-trust are still users of micro-letters after hearing that they are not charged. The increase in the number of users in line is just a fraction of the micro-credit. But the shock of the third foot ball is enough to keep the micro-letter clenched and ready.

Line maps, games in the population of more than 100 million Japan can earn billions, then in the country with 1.3 billion people, waiting for 360 and line are absolutely justified is a feast. The micro-letter, which has been brooding about profitability, is now even more restless.

In mid-April, the micro-letter launched three games, but is called "cottage", but the micro-letter still insists on the "shanzhai" products to the market, and micro-letter original "localization" habits completely inconsistent. Hasty action, no wonder will be the Netizen spit slot.

In micro-letter commercialization is still in the exploratory phase, line of relatively mature, let line kicked into the third foot ball.

360 Figure what

Race around traffic entry level products

When line tries to share the big cake in the Chinese market, what is the 360 figure? What are the future benefits? From 360 security guards to browsers to search, 360 of ambitions are clear. This "petty" obviously has been difficult to 360 of the discernment.

360 want, in fact, is also micro-letter want.

Nearly 70% of the market share, more than 200 million of the number of users still can not hide 360 heart pain, smart phone security can bring the Nuggets amount is far less than entertainment. The advent of micro-letters makes it urgent to find a foothold in the mobile Internet 360 found a "feeling."

When the user moves from the PC end to the mobile terminal, the product that can realize the traffic entrance also changes. The future of the mobile Internet to bring huge traffic entry level products are not browsers, but can have a large user base of the app. Looking around, there is a chance to become one of these app apps, with the greatest opportunities for social communication software.

Let's imagine what it would bring to 360 if the micro-letter belonged to 360.

As with security software started 360 will be in Search, browser field step on the same foot, in addition to Tencent, the recent Baidu also began to be eyeing security software. If 360 can not be in the product competition threshold and customer stickiness on the increase, then 360 guards can still have more "security" as if it is not good to say. But with "360 micro-letters", everything is different.

"360 micro-letter" for users to bring entertainment, social, but also to enhance the 360 of their own brand value, resulting in customer stickiness and even additional business benefits. Most crucially, the ability to bring 360 to the internet is enough to make people envious of the flow of death.

According to the Internet laboratory estimates, if a large user base of the "360 micro-letter" and then placed on the electricity business, news and other content to become a platform, then 360 of the advertising revenue conservative estimate will be increased by 20%. Then think about it, "360 micro-letter" through positioning, shopping browsing records, and so on, can completely make up 360 hearts a piece of the biggest regret, large data. At that time, it can be directly to the user to recommend products, and even its guide to the electrical business site. If this naïve arrival, 360 of the advertising revenue is not more than 20%.

When 360 of the future with unlimited imagination, micro-letter is not idle. The micro-letter 4.0 version already has an open interface to support Third-party applications to receive the letter. Its intentions are obvious and become a big platform. When the flow is large to a certain extent, the mobile interconnection flow is naturally all to the micro-trust control. By then, the micro-letter will be strong enough to change the mobile internet landscape.

The key point of realizing "360 dreams" is that 360 and micro-letters who can be the first to become a big platform.

The message became an important attempt of the 360 mobile Internet layout. But to 360 disappointed, the acquisition back, the "special stability" and "safest" two cards of the message is still the enemy but the micro-letter user experience, to failure. This one failure, let 360 profoundly realize, want to realize the communication products for 360 to bring all the value of the imagination, must first have a experience of excellent products. And line's coming is just the time.

Line in Japan is a profitable mobile phone software, if able to cooperate with it, it can obviously for 360 of the mobile phone communications software market, to win enough time. 360 Why go to find a product that does not make money, then go to spell?

The value of cooperation with line is not only in the domestic, but also in overseas markets. At present, 360 has been set up overseas division, the future is more likely to use line in Korea, Japan's users to open 360 overseas markets.

When the Chinese market is eyeing the line, encounter the future with unlimited vision of the 360, no matter how far line in China can go, it and micro-letter is inevitable, and this battle is bound to be more with the future role of intervention, become more intense, good-looking.

Mobile im occupy the hills

It's possible to pull the timeline.

In the past few years, many entrepreneurs in the country, including small and medium internet companies and teams have launched many similar products with micro-letter, but most of them failed, line can win the micro-letter?

Author/Yi Yimin

When catch this "gossip" express line, become a lot of users to give up the micro-letter after the first choice, line and micro-letter head-on confrontation has quietly opened, people can not help but ask, Tencent to laugh to the last?

"Line research and development in Japan, how it can understand the Chinese market, how can innovation?" "The well-known it commentator Xie that line in China will encounter acclimatized."

Line's advantage lies in the user's experience, the user likes its texture, applies its game, but its text and the voice message communication does not have the advantage. Compared to the number of micro-letters in China, more than 300 million users, line users even a fraction of each other.

Industry insiders said, communication products no matter how, if the user can not be measured at a level, it is worthless.

The weak point of the micro-letter is that there are few product types, which do not embody the diversity of platform. Cheng, vice president of Tencent, is candid with reporters who want to be able to offer different areas of exploration, including games, on the micro-credit platform more quickly, "but the timetable is not yet".

To what extent can micro-trust games be recognized by users? This actually also gives the line certain living space. "There is a chance to shake the Dcci," says Yanping, founder of the data center. Even the shaking of the local market is a foundation and opportunity for everyone to eat into the micro-credit market, and the line's market hinterland is large enough to mean opportunities in many ways.

Who the Lord ups and downs

Foreign monks may not chant

One day in Taiwan, the line of a limited edition toy sales reached 500,000 yuan. The seemingly obscure charging item "sticker expression" generates 300 million yen (about 20 million RMB) per month on average.

By implanting ads, recommending Third-party applications, selling stickers, operating games, and even developing derivative products to earn revenue, line already has a more sophisticated business model and has been profitable in South Korea, Japan and Taiwan.

By contrast, the micro-letter that has not yet clarified the profit model seems slightly lame. But for micro-letters, the sooner or later the profit is not the core of their concerns. The significance of micro-letter in the overall layout of Tencent Mobile Interconnection is the key to the consideration of Ma Teng.

Yanping that profitability is a small problem for micro-letters, in any one point of view, whether it is a game, e-commerce, or O2O, or even advertising marketing, it can cover expenditure to achieve profitability. Reverse line, whether the future long-term access to a relatively large market share or accumulate more users, but it is quite difficult. After all, the market threshold is much higher than it was a year or two ago.

In the past one or two years, many domestic entrepreneurs, including small and medium internet companies and teams have launched a lot of similar products with micro-letter, but most of them failed, the market has passed a process of the fittest shuffling.

Whether it is the first production of the flying beans, or grass-roots star rice chat, or positioning in the stranger to dig the Mo, or even rely on the operator backstage to fly a letter, wing chat, and so on, encountered strong product technology and holding the golden key, backed by the QQ tree, also can only defeat.

The biggest challenge facing line is how to expand the user base. 360 Mobile Phone Assistant download recommendation, network propaganda, but also just let line grow steadily. Too little friend number, let line become a lot of people mobile phone desktop on the chicken. Then the fun map, and then save the call demand, but do not know who to interact with. After fresh vigor, it is shelved.

History has proved countless times that foreign companies are hardly successful in entering the Chinese market, and giants such as Google have been frustrated. "Do not pick up the atmosphere, decision-making in thousands of miles away line, it is impossible to win the micro-letter." "Xie said.

Although Qihoo 360 will be in time to communicate with, put forward product modification advice, can when these views across the sea, through the layer of transmission may not be able to maintain the original, not to mention Qihoo 360 is only line China's promotion operators.

At this time the micro-letter is speeding up the game, micro-letter reading and other commercially available platform exploration. With Tenpay's micro-letters, once the payment link is fully opened, it means that the barriers to competition are strengthened again.

Now, line eyeing, China Mobile restart Flying letter plan, China Telecom Wing chat revised into the wings of letters, Chinese Unicom (600050, shares bar) production, Alibaba also enhanced similar products Wansing, Micro Amoy. Although the operator's products can not exceed the micro-letter, Taobao Wireless division, Vice President Eagle also told reporters that they are not for micro-letter, and will not directly compete with micro-letter, but in fact, many products to join the Competition corps also for the future of the industry to bring more possibilities.

Territory, mobile IM between the odds have not been conclusive, and on the other side of the ocean, whether it is determined to go out of the micro-letter or the plot of greater development line are facing a more formidable opponents.

Upstream threat downstream or sub platform war

Who is the opponent of micro-trust?

"Once Apple and Google move aggressively, they will be helpless in the lower reaches of the industry chain," he said. "In Xie's view, the current industry's product changes are extremely rapid and unfathomable." Tencent, in the final analysis, does not have the core technology, neither the mobile phone, nor the operating system, everything is difficult to say.

It is said that IOS7 will do the same as Facebook. IOS7 the communication system directly and the underlying operating system bundle, open the phone to see is not the application, and directly is text messages, messages, photos and so on. As a result, micro-letters are the most likely to be successful against these root system companies.

Another rival may be Google, a new piece of work being conceived by Google, Babel, which plans to integrate all its communications services. The app will be compatible with upcoming Android 5.0 and other Android 2.3 systems.

However, in Yanping's view, Google is not a very strong opponent. Google has done a lot of work on social products, but none has been very successful. "At this stage it is just a thought that it should be done quickly, but that does not mean that it will succeed." ”

Two other giants in the root system, Apple and Microsoft, have also begun to act. Apple is based on the current FaceTime to do it, Microsoft is still in a stage to clean up the mess, even with the underlying operating system, the product made to have a certain user base, but it is difficult to occupy a leading position in the market.

Micro-letters are not without opportunities, according to past experience, those who occupy the root platform of the Giants (Apple, Google, Microsoft, etc.) in the instant communication is unlikely to have a big, they have their own limitations, not good at this area. Although the opportunity to subvert the root platform has been small in the mobile internet era, there are plenty of opportunities on the Mesopotamia stage.

Whether in the cloud, the tube or the end, with a large amount of users of the micro-letter is fully platform for the possibility. "Micro-letter is expected to achieve the flow of people, business and Internet service flows of the three-flow integration." "But to lengthen the timeline, yanping that the micro-credit real competitors are themselves, and that it is not ideal for internationalization of the problem also in their own."

International markets face Melee

The place of the Overlord is full of variables

February 28, Line announced that the number of Vietnamese users has exceeded 1 million; March 1, Korean free voice communication applications Kakao Talk announced that the number of Vietnamese users exceeded 1 million; March 4, Cyprus Viber media company's Viber in Vietnam more than 3.5 million users , and the micro-letter announced at the end of last year, the number of Vietnamese users has been more than 1 million.

In less than 2 months, news of the layout of instant voice communication tools in the Vietnamese market has been pouring in. Public IM leapfrogging, reverse attack, in the mobile internet era seems to come more easily than ever before.

Why Vietnam? As a mobile IM layout of a strategic location overseas, Southeast Asia, the emerging market and Europe and the United States, Japan and South Korea is relatively blank, the development potential is very large, and Vietnam is a good cut mouth. Vietnam's mobile communications infrastructure and network services are relatively backward but the mobile internet market is growing rapidly, mobile im translation of their own products have funds, technology, the absolute advantage, as long as reasonable promotion, the number of users to increase the potential is very large.

At present, micro-letter has gradually formed from RTHK to Southeast Asia to Japan and South Korea, Europe and the United States and the development of the layout. The micro-letter was said to have formed a team in North America shortly before. Ma said that the internationalization of micro-trust is Tencent's only chance. The reality is that they may face more challenges to the international world.

Another potential popular buyer of Tencent's Whatsapp,whatsapp, a popular online social tool in North America last year, is Facebook. Facebook, with more than 1 billion users, will be a real competitor for the micro-credit in the United States. In recent years, Facebook, with its huge baggage, is hovering on the starting line, and Facebook seems to be a follower in the mobile IM world. But even so, as long as Facebook is fast enough to be beautiful, with 1 billion of users and strong stickiness there is still a chance to become the overlord of mobile interconnection.

Look at the broad international market, IM application of the battle more lively, WhatsApp, Kik, IMO, Tango ... Each occupy their own hills.

In the face of many choices, users can hardly be satisfied with the long-term application of a product. Engaged in foreign trade business Helen told reporters, he will micro-letter as a friend of the private circle, and will line and Viber, etc. for contact with enterprise-class customers, the former contact Japanese and Korean customers, the latter contact customers in Europe and America. At the earliest, he was just a user of micro-trust.

At present, the micro-letter, line has been achieved only in the local sense of short-term success, the timeline opened, all possible.

The stories about IM

1000 people have 1000 im in mind

Qianming (Private enterprise Owner):

Skype, the trans-ocean phone is not afraid.

I opened a company of my own, the customers are European and American foreigners. When I first started talking about business, I had a dozen hours of international calls every night. Later, the foreigner told me to use Skype free phone call, said they are used abroad.

Long-distance telephone charges and monthly flow charges are simply not worth mentioning. Use Skype to save money, you can also talk to many parties, add a few business partners together.

Hai (Financial supervisor of a public institution):

Fly a letter, not afraid of the other side not line.

I am also regarded as a letter to the old users, 2007 began to use. Use it to send free text messages to old classmates, greetings very convenient. The most convenient time to count the new Year's time, directly in the top mass message. Save money, and fast. But to make Unicom's friends, can only through mobile phone messages.

The biggest advantage of micro-letter is that as long as a friend to use, you can send free information, lazy input, you can also use voice messages.

and micro-credit ratio, the biggest advantage of flying a letter is that if the other side is not on the line, information can be sent to the other side of the phone message, do not delay. The micro-letter is not, as long as he does not have the micro-letter, then can not contact. So I fly letters, micro-letter two are in use.

Helen (Aquarius Analysys Company General Manager, line, micro-letter, such as senior Users of IM):

different circles with different im.

I started using line in 2011.

I do international trade, the first line is also a coincidence. I was in contact with a Japanese guest who recommended the software to me.

In the past we mainly through e-mail or fax and other traditional means of communication, with line, send pictures, confirm information more timely and convenient. With the needs of the work, I find more and more line for their own help, many of my guests, especially in Southeast Asia, the guests are in line above, many of them will also speak Chinese, we add as friends, direct voice, biography pictures and so on.

Sometimes guests are not in the office, flying around the house, but I am anxious to wait to confirm the information, line came very fast.

Line also allows me to build a deeper relationship with my guests outside of my job. For example, if a guest has a birthday, or a party at home, or a wife promotion, just a little bit of sunshine on line, and I congratulate them. Small interaction can close the distance between each other, so that guests will remember me.

I use micro-letter for several years, micro-trust friends also include some domestic suppliers, however, I am more of the micro-letter as a friend of the circle of private contacts.

In contact with European and American customers, I use the most is Viber. Viber only ordinary network SMS and network telephone function, European and American user's custom is so, each application does what is what, the more direct the more convenient. For me, this kind of foreign software is simple, easy to use, not so much complex need to explore the things, it is very handy.

In addition, I also use Tango, its most powerful function is to be able to continuously uninterrupted video calls. Because many European and American customers use it, so I use. In my contact with the European and American customers, 70% use viber,30% with Tango.

I think, from the functional, line is the most complete, internationalization to do the best. Indeed, there are some users who believe that line is a collection of micro-letters and Viber.

Zelli (a video studio staff):

Line, too few friends are left out.

The new phone has just been lost in half a year, which is not the same as last month's purchase.

In fact, the loss of mobile phone is not the most important, the most important thing is that the address book is not back. I now every day to rely on mobile phone micro-letter, QQ can let me take the initiative to contact some old friends.

But some time ago I accidentally through 360 mobile phone assistant recommended, found a free call software--line. At first, I went to the free two words. You want to ah, just spent more than 4,000 dollars to buy mobile phones, can save the province. Anyway, the software introduction written clearly, installation, registration do not have money. Then play it, not fun, you can uninstall.

But I did not think that my micro-letter in general use even my friends, not waiting for me to add them, they will become I even my friends. That night, I will give the above a foreign old classmate "call" again, chat for 1 hours, the effect is not bad, the key is to save money Ah!

In fact, this software is quite fun, playing games can also be compared with friends score, and even can send props. But it is not good, I even the above friend is too few, one months passed, nor a newcomer up.

Anyway, I do not intend to uninstall it, how to say that there are a few friends. Just put it on the phone and wait for more people to be my best friend.

Little Bear (Phoenix employees, micro-credit senior users,

Line New user):

Legend has it that when the letter is charged

I'll use line.

In the 2011, I didn't use smartphones, neither Android nor Apple. The reason why I change mobile phone is also because it is more convenient to send micro-letter.

Two weeks ago (early April), I started with line. I have been invited to use line before, but I think that the above friends are not many, and then heard that micro-letter to charge, before starting to use.

I now use line more, the main reason is that this person does not have micro-letter so miscellaneous. Because the micro-credit time is longer, leadership, partners AH will add, line is basically a close relationship between the students, friends, colleagues, more intimate circle.

Another reason to use line is because, line above have a lot of fun games, my friends will play the above game, occasionally we will PK. Because of the game, we will use line more frequently.

Moreover, line more international, I study in Japan students, they will use line more, with some foreign friends to communicate very conveniently.

In addition, line expression is more rich, I also like.

But the relative micro-letter, I think line's biggest disadvantage is that the network is not stable, often sent to the voice of the other party will not hear, or can not send out. I do not understand this, is it because the server is not so good, or other reasons? may also be because, after all, is the application abroad, is not perfect up without micro-letter so fast.

Micro-letter response is particularly rapid, what needs to function, will immediately improve the upgrade, micro-letter or more powerful, micro-letter as long as no charge I will not give up, because it is really good.

I think the future line and micro-letter I should be used, they are not the same function.

Fan Li (a Japanese company in charge of China, has studied in Japan):

It's best to use micro-letters.

I know line, but not much. Because has been home for several years, the Chinese friends around are using micro-letter, or micro-letter best use, early, accustomed to. Although Japanese friends use line, but I have been using Skype to contact them, but also very convenient.

Tokuhira (Head of a Japanese consulting firm, Japanese):

In Japan, no other tool can replace line.

I've been using line for years, and I've been using it since it was not very popular at first. Line initially gave me the impression that its expression, the icon is very trendy, do not have to type to convey feelings.

I also use micro-letters, although not too understand the micro-letter, but I think this kind of instant messaging first popular should be more standard. There are more and more copycat line, but in Japan, no other tool can replace line. In Japan, there are few people with micro-letters.

Xu Kai (a state-owned enterprise unit engineer):

Mo, find a girlfriend to take home.

"This year to try to bring a girl to mother to see the drift is not beautiful," is my signature on the MO, is also why I want to use the mo.

With my parents ' words, from small to large, learning, work without them worry about everything, but it happened to the girlfriend, a family, I was completely inferior to the people around me. Last spring Festival home, and parents nagging for 7 days.

It's nonsense to say I'm not positive. Dating site has my name, but so far these "matchmaker" did not give me a suitable she.

My unit has a colleague, his girlfriend unexpectedly is from the Mo to know, the others two this year already planned to marry. Since I am now anxious to find, many roads are always good, anyway, the Mo find friends, and do not spend money. is a little bad, every day from many girls, find the right age, look pleasing to the eye, in that accosted, also quite cost brain.

So,eun Jung (a Korean employee in Beijing):

The most used are micro-letters and Chaton.

I have been in Beijing for 4 years, because I work in Beijing, so the most I use now is micro-letter. Micro-letter is very easy to use, my boyfriend and I contact, communication is also using micro-letter. I use micro-letter in fact only 6 months, the first friend recommended me to download, and then have friends to send QQ information, prompted me to use micro-mail, and then I used.

I use Chaton also more, Chaton is South Korea Samsung developed, there are many animated expression can download free, I often use animated expression and my boyfriend chat.

I also use Kakao Talk, used for several years, my Korean friends use it, in Korea, as long as there are almost all smartphone people with Kakao Talk, it is also very useful, now its user is 80 million, more than Koreans.

I also use line, but not much, using line is to study how it is going. In my Korean friends, with line is not much, we use also just play it inside of the small game, like inside the lovely expression.


The "technical geek" that ran away from Samsung

Line of Korean "godfather" Li Haijian

In 41 countries in the App Store Free application rankings ranked first, line performance rendering rich Li Haijian color.

Line today, inseparable from Li Haijian credit.

He is the founder and head of Korea NHN Group. NHN's Japanese subsidiary has developed instant Messaging tool line.

In January this year the line announced a breakthrough of 100 million subscribers, which was first in 41 countries in the App Store free apps list.

Since the early days of Samsung's internal entrepreneurship, Li Haijian has shown a strong desire for technology, freedom and an amazing internet talent. The Taiwanese media described him as Li Haijian, like Microsoft's gates and Apple's late Steve Jobs, a typical "geek", a hacker who never sleeps for three days or three nights. He is keen to stay up late writing programs and never be content with existing technologies.

It is under the infiltration of Li Haijian, NHN company from the beginning of ambition, from the search engine to the game, into the portal, and then to Instant messaging, each step is rendering a strong Li Haijian color.

Now, in South Korea, NHN is the first door group, the highest-priced gaming group, and the largest Internet service company, NHN's "monopoly" is far more than China's internet companies.


Crazy Love Technology Engineer

The pursuit of Technology mania is Li Haijian's first big dream.

Japanese Branch NHN Japan before the establishment of Li Haijian also in the mobile phone industry bitter, the year before the establishment of Kakao Talk has been in Korea's domestic wantonly march. Kakao Talk is a micro-letter Instant Messaging tool launched by his former classmate, partner Kim Van's Kakao company.

How to open the market of already formed products, technology + speed is he give line team important operation idea. Li Haijian led NHN hard thinking, finally to Japan for the mouth, line quickly became his second miracle.

Li Haijian created the first miracle is the search, early NHN is from the beginning of the search. He continued to delve, using self-developed "knowledge search" technology, so that users can search for Web news, encyclopedias, photos or dictionaries (like Google, but Korean search is better than Google), instantly get the most needed sorting results (advanced features need to pay), Making Naver the hottest portal in South Korea in the 2003.

It is said that he studies often without sleep. Eventually Naver grew to be the first big search engine in Korea, the equivalent of China's Baidu. In the years that followed, Naver became the strongest rival for Google's Zujizhan in South Korea.

Miracles originate from Li Haijian's yearning for technology.

His mania for technology dates back to the 1992, when Li Haijian, 25, was restless after entering the Samsung SDS Department, thinking about what technology was worth designing and developing. Finally, he will be the direction of "search engine", in Samsung internal entrepreneurship and ultimately independent of the formal entrepreneurial path to find a dream.

Later, Li Haijian began to have an interest in the game field. In 2000, he dominated the Naver and gaming portal Hangame merged into NHN Group. He worked with Kim Van, a partner from Hangame, who was responsible for the search, one in charge of the game, and 8 times times in two years.

Kim Van finally chose to fly solo, become Li Haijian's biggest opponent, this also aroused his technical creativity.

His enthusiasm for technology profoundly affected every subsidiary of NHN. Sell maps, play platform, line and Kakao Talk leapfrogging have a profit model.

Daring to delegate

Brave Overseas Dreamers

Another big dream of Li Haijian is the yearning for the international market.

In Korea, users can almost find all the basic Internet apps on Naver. But because of South Korea's small area, the population is only 50 million. Li Haijian's overseas search for dreams is especially important. At Li Haijian's strategic behest, line has been internationalized since its inception.

At present, line in the global user breakthrough 140 million, along with the user downloads the high speed growth, Li Haijian's dream journey also pulls longer. In early April, NHN Japan renamed Line, with its main business for the company named, NHN is to put the brand on the agenda. "We want to expand globally at all costs," line president Akira Morikawa said earlier this year.

Actively seeking a dream, in the infiltration of various regions, countries, Li Haijian are willing to take the initiative to delegate. Li Haijian Even let go of the executive long title to Kim Van, his own transfer strategy long (CSO) and concurrently president. Because he thinks he is not sociable, golf is not good, he also want to think about some other things, focus on the company's future strategy, focus on foreign nhn for the dream. At that time, it was the peak of NHN's company.

Later, due to the departure of Kim Van, Li Haijian again in charge of NHN, but this did not affect the boss continued to give the subsidiary full freedom. In fact, it was because of his courage to delegate that NHN Japan was able to develop innovative line.

Li Haijian's decentralization even extends to overseas market cooperation. In many areas, line continues its usual promotional channel-hard and wide, and line has been playing the theme "line makes life happier" in Spanish television since March. In China, line has accepted the suggestion of Qihoo 360 and started to promote it by Internet.

To further expand its global reach, line has a strategic business alliance with Nokia, offering a dedicated app for cheap mobile phone Asha, which has been implemented in mainland China, Taiwan, China, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, the Philippines, Singapore, Australia and other land deployment.

NHN has suffered failures in Japan and China. 2000, NHN invested tens of billions of won into Japan, but Naver always did not open the market, once in 2005 withdrew, 2007 years before again to kill back. 2004, its game part also acquired 50% stake in the Chinese online games market, but eventually did not rival Tencent, in 2010 reluctantly withdrew capital.

Li Haijian knows how to draw lessons from the failures of the year. Today, NHN is a big success in Japan, line occupies an absolute dominant position, NHN another business Hangame Japan is also the first big online gaming portal.

Line's ultimate ideal is to become the foundation of the network life, so that each user with line communication, consumption, understanding the world. Li Haijian to make NHN an influential global company.

The target may not be far away. "It is expected that by the end of 2014, there will be more than 300 million subscribers to line," said Parker, analyst at Samsung Securities in Seoul. ”

It's a wonderful world out there.

Mobile IM war has just begun

In an era of global upheaval, the pace of international competition for mobile IM has to be calculated by the day. When they deal with telecom operators, the mobile IM industry some more positive and strategic value of the layout is also reflected.


Mobile IM cake is tempting, no longer need to speak, in the next few years it is destined to be the global New Economy (310358, fund bar) One of the most dynamic areas.

In comparison with the commercial value that global markets can bring, no matter how well line is doing in Japan, KakaoTalk is "rich and famous" in South Korea, regardless of the size of the micro-letter in China's plate. What they have now is so insignificant.

As a result, even if expanding internet companies such as Google and Facebook were badly beaten in the process of globalisation, mobile im were blind. They see only the opportunities left by the internet giants who are not ready to make pure mobile-connected cultural products, constrained by the old PC, Web services and habits.

As a result, the mobile IM, which has been overlooked by the internet giants, is running at the same and even higher speeds as western products. This lets the micro-letter, KakaoTalk, line all see as long as can catch "rabbit" nap, "turtle" will dominate the new market.

But the outside world is not so easy to get around. Just as the micro-letter is China's "bully", not who want to enter the can come in.

Besides, the rabbit has woken up. Facebook has now shifted to mobile, acquiring Instagram, launching Facebook Messenger and implementing the Instant Messaging service called Party call. This move to the local market Skype, Google talk are not underestimated, micro-trust, line or KakaoTalk opportunities?

In an era of global upheaval, the pace of international competition for mobile IM has to be calculated by the day.

When mobile IM to expand overseas market, when they and telecom operators, mobile IM industry some more positive and strategic value of the layout is also reflected.

Go out with a "new" partner.

The ability to innovate determines how far to go

Entertainment is not the future trend, mobile IM may change the pattern of mobile Internet development situation, so that all people are outside the world is full of longing.

But what is internationalization? For micro-letters, line or Kakao Talk, no matter how much influence they have in Asia, as long as they are not allowed to enter Europe and America, especially the U.S. market, then no one will admit that they have achieved internationalization. European and American markets are their battleground.

Facts have also proved that the micro-letter, KakaoTalk of Europe and the United States market has a long-standing layout. January 2011 Tencent launched the micro-letter, the October launched the English version, April 2012, micro-letter launched the 4.0 version, the English version of the micro-letter officially renamed as WeChat, and integrated Facebook and Twitter and other social networking site content. and KakaoTalk please come to Telecom consulting company Ovum for it into the European and American advice.

But micro-believers want to shake the U.S. market, "sitting on the door," the difficulty, no less than line in the face of micro-letter pressure to bear. The key to the American pulse is Facebook, where social products and customer stickiness are no match.

This point from the micro-letter layout of the overseas market for two years, all users add up to less than 50 million, the United States only 100,000 of users can be seen, but the United States users of the voice communication market needs always exist.

Now it seems that the "localization" requirements of the weakest product games, mobile IM enterprise internationalization is the easiest place to break through.

In fact, this truth is not complicated. In the local market, Tencent usually goes to sell the user to change the flow of income, and in the user base is blank in the U.S. market, the process can be reversed.

Suppose, when the micro-letter goes into the United States, can have the most popular on Facebook, the number of users of several games, can be the original game of the old users directly into the U.S. version of the micro-letter, or even rely on the open platform to introduce better play, can bring more new users of the game, at the same time, let micro-credit to achieve " Leap.

Ma introduced, the next version of the micro-letter will open more access to the API interface, in the United States to "platform" application rather than "functional" application to promote, it is the intention. And line has now listed the game as its first development content.

But not have a good game partners, mobile IM enterprises can go Fengshun. Strictly speaking, now the mobile IM product Shanzhai figure is too serious. In the well-known it commentators Xie, there is no problem in the cottage, as long as the local to carry out a certain amount of innovation, can still get enough survival, development space. However, such products will have problems when they get abroad.

Neither Google, Facebook, in-depth, comprehensive innovation, also far from the fun to let people love the degree of products, it is difficult to become a mainstream application of other countries. "Without innovation, there is no hope." "Xie Blunt domestic mobile IM enterprises want to go out, innovation will be the biggest challenge."

It's better to win than to fight

Operators are supposed to be the springboard.

Telecom operators have become a stumbling block to mobile IM.

Popular in Europe and the United States Skype is considered a serious threat to telecommunications operators, some European and American telecom operators even prohibit their own network users to use Skype. 2012 South Korea's two major telecom operators SK Telecom and South Korea Telecom (KT) announced that only a monthly subscription of more than 350 yuan per month users can use KakaoTalk and other mobile IM products online services. Now the war has been burned to the micro-letter.

Just as mobile IM and telecoms operators are still tangled up in "charging and not charging", Facebook's chief technology officer, Bret Taylor, has an enviable relationship when it launches a mobile IM product called "Party call". Facebook is a natural match for operators. ”

Orange, the French telecoms operator, is willing to agree that users do not need to go through their cell phone numbers, just call the party and talk to friends. If you're still sweating the "suicidal" behavior of Orange, you'll be relieved to see whose network the service is taking.

The service is routed through Orange's voice network, which allows users to have a lower charge than a direct phone number, a more stable call than a network call, and can achieve multiple calls, while Orange and Facebook share a shared income divide.

This "perfect" relationship is enough for mobile IM companies to understand that just taking a one-way "protest" approach to the challenge of telecoms operators is not going to work.

Skype, after trying to lose the taste, had to offer an olive branch to a telecoms operator. Last year, Microsoft announced that Skype's credits phone bill would be available for payment by mobile operators.

Earlier this year, the micro-letter began to test water with telecom operators in the Hong Kong market.

PCCW Mobile (Hong Kong Telecom) is one of Hong Kong's leading operators and the largest Wi-Fi service provider in Hong Kong. This and micro-letter cooperation package service only need to micro-trust users to pay less than 7 yuan, you can limit the use of micro-letter, text, voice, pictures and even video are casually hair.

The background of giving micro-letters a chance to test water in Hong Kong is that Hong Kong's roaming fee is lowered to $0.99 per minute. The drop in roaming fees has led to a significant drop in the proportion of mainland visitors to Hong Kong who have changed their SIM cards, PCCW Mobile, which is a proportion of the use of micro-letters in mainland visitors, thereby increasing their income.

If mobile IM companies and telecoms operators can join forces, it's far more than just a social interaction.

April 23, Shenzhen Summit Technology CEO Dong Jinjun released micro-blog said that the day around 10 received the China Mobile application store mail, the Mail said that mobile, Unicom, telecom Three operators of the application store will be on May 17 (International Telecommunications Day) to introduce a converged billing SDK. By then developers can use this SDK to be a development at the same time to release to the three major operators of the application store, and through the three major operators of the application store payment, directly covering the country's 1 billion mobile phone users.

If so, we may take the lead in the cooperation of telecom operators to enlarge some of the objects. What if the carrier's partner is not a tenpay, but rather a third-party line?

When the user buys line's map or the game prop, does not have to pass through the third party to pay, only needs to click Confirms, then may deduct directly from the telephone bill, compared to need to skip the N link the third party to pay, which is more convenient is obvious.

If the micro-credit competitor can easily access the resources to form payments and service closures, then the Tenpay, who has been expecting to get through the service closed loop, is now in a position to remain a question mark. By then, whether it is micro-mail or line or a mobile IM can become a big platform for Third-party cooperation, telecom operators will not only become a noisy market in a dumb pipeline.

So, mobile IM enterprises, telecom operators have the opportunity to use their own resources and capabilities, through the ownership, sharing, purchase and exchange of various ways to obtain all kinds of network services resources, and find a way to profit.

"The opportunity is there, but for telecom operators, the premise of this strategy is that the telecom operators can change their thinking concept and transform into Internet Information service providers." Xie bluntly. Confrontation will only allow both sides to lose the common development of the market, the trend of development.

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