The entrepreneur investor cooperation is more than the game flash after the very easy flash away

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The slump in the market seems to have ended the honeymoon period for investors and businesses. Since June, the founder of the team with PE/VC as the representative of the investor's contradictions began to focus on the outbreak of NVC lighting, after valley coffee, affordable herbal medicine and many other well-known enterprises, has burst the founder and investors to make a stiff or even break the news. Although both sides have their own problems, but the relationship between PE/VC and business is cooperation rather than game, even in court. The progress and growth of private equity market in China is based on the rapid development of small and medium-sized enterprises, PE/VC is to help enterprises get bigger and stronger opportunities, so as to achieve a good return on investment in the industry. If the ecosystem is broken, PE/VC will not survive. According to reporters not complete statistics, since the second half of 2011, a total of 5 enterprises and PE/VC. August 2011, the impact of a A-share listing failed Qiao Jiangnan, lost in the Fang Dinghui of investment, said that "the introduction of Ding-hui is South Beauty's biggest mistake, meaningless." February 2012, the cool net Chairman and CEO Hou in strategic development with the capital side of the dispute, Hou Yu Xinjiang by the board of Power, eventually sadly departed. May 2012, China lighting industry leader NVC Lighting announced that the founder of Wu Changjiang resigned, "the father of the VC," said the soft silver race rich partner Yan was elected Chairman, this is known as the NVC VC "robbery case." June 2012, the largest coffee production enterprises in China after the Valley coffee broke off with PE investors. After the valley of Coffee said PE institutions in the stake in the heart of the swallowed, intend to rob the company's control, PE side refers to the founder of the Valley coffee Xiangsiang into or suspected of crime. In the July 2012, the local cosmetics company, which is rushing the IPO, was informed of the deteriorating capital relationship with the investors. reported that the appropriate herbal Mister Feng had in the interior of the big scold the investment side is "liar" ... Why are there more and more cases of deterioration in the relationship between business and investors, and at this point in the focus? In fact, 2009 years after the opening of the board, entrepreneurs and investors have become impetuous because of the interests of both parties are easily at first sight to achieve "flash". However, now when the entrepreneurial environment changes, the market cold, both sides are very easy to "flash away." Therefore, the entrepreneurial team and the investment side of the conflict, or even the founder of "left" phenomenon began to appear frequently. Is the "marriage" base of the business and the investor merely a benefit? Reporters have asked a lot of PE people, their answers although there are different, but the core point is: Once signed an agreement, investors and business is the relationship between fish and water, both sides will slowly cultivate tacit understanding and feelings, so as to achieve mutual benefit and the result. And some companies that have been successfully listed through the introduction of investors are thankful to the investors. Moreover, the investor has the number of successful investment cases directly determines its brand value and the company's trust. If investors and entrepreneurs are stiff and even resorted to law, the losers are both sides and there is no real winner. This is also a warning to the latter, to fully assess the status of the enterprise and development prospectsIn the case of introducing the right external investors, the values of the two sides and the direction of future development are the same as the precondition of deciding investment. China's market is constantly changing, enterprises in the development process will always be biased, this time to make the corresponding changes, which requires both sides in the investment process of continuous exchanges and make adjustments. Only the interests and strategic vision of both sides can make the enterprise bigger and better.
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