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Entrepreneurs have good ideals, plans, goals and enthusiasm, but some people lack the skills of trademark processing. According to the Energy survey, 60% of the entrepreneurs at the beginning of the start-up did not consider, or consider not to apply for a registered trademark.

As an entrepreneur, a trademark is a face and a foundation. A good brand is not only easy to remember you, easy to distinguish from others, but also the basis for the legal continuity of business. The correct handling of trademark affairs is also a prerequisite to avoid malicious competition from peers. However, there are many entrepreneurs lack of specific understanding and attention to deal with trademark affairs, resulting in significant losses, or the cause of the potential to leave a hidden danger.

It can be said that trademark affairs, as a pioneering work must be observed, not careless.

First share a famous case: May the United States Tang Pearl Powder trademark registration Event

At the beginning of September 2007, Pearl Powder Industry Celebrity Ice * commissioned well-known designers "willing to the United States Tang" as a pearl powder products brand, on September 17, commissioned by Beijing Heng Cheng Intellectual Property Agency limited to the National Trademark Office to register, October 2007 began to promote the brand, 7 months later (May 2008), when "Willing to the United States" to become the online pearl powder sales of the second brand, ice * found in the inquiry after the "willing to the United States Hall" trademark is pearl powder with the same industry in Zhejiang long * bird pharmaceutical industry in October 19, 2007 registered. In view of the trade mark disputes may have adverse effects on the business, "May the United States Tang" pearl Powder had to be renamed in January 2009 "Wei Tang" pearl powder, directly led to the promotion of the United States Church Brand's efforts are basically in vain, the economic loss of nearly million. May the American Church trademark registration event become the most popular brand event lesson since the beginning of 2009.

What are the lessons that entrepreneurs should learn from these cases? Let's analyze This together:

Lesson One: The trademark does not receive the acceptance notice the circumstance, may Meidon to carry on the promotion

Trademark registration needs to be queried, after inquiries if no one has registered similar trademarks, and apply for compliance with the provisions of national laws and regulations, the Trademark Office will be entertained, and will be issued a notice of acceptance. The acceptance notice is normally issued to the applicant or his agent 1-2 months after the application is filed. Only receive the acceptance notice, can indicate that the registration application is formally accepted by the Trademark Office. It is really taboo to use a trademark before receiving a letter of acceptance, in a highly competitive market, or in the face of a malicious competitor, the move is undoubtedly to arouse suspicion and to create the opportunity for the opponent.

Lesson Two: The client blindly trust, the trademark agency does not follow

Ice * in Beijing Heng * * Cheng Intellectual Property Agency Co., Ltd. registration of the trademark, did not track the registration of trademarks in a timely manner, resulting in the U.S. church trademark was the opponent to register 7 months after the discovery, where a large number of brand investment, formed a greater economic losses. This is caused by the Blind trust of the agency.

Trademark agency has good and bad, weeding, and some trademark agency is extremely unprofessional. Therefore, after the Commission of trademark agencies registered trademarks, must always pay attention to, tracking process, if one months or so still did not receive the acceptance notice, then very likely to have problems, must seize the time to deal with.

Lesson three: Choosing a credible trademark agency is extremely important

Our country trademark registration stipulation is more special, the applicant must go to the State Administration for Industry and commerce in Beijing to apply for a registered trademark, or entrust the local trademark Agency company to the trademark Office to apply for registration, and most people are unfamiliar with the geographical environment of Beijing, plus a trip to Beijing to spend a lot of time, energy and cost, So many people "lazy" paid to the trademark agency to apply for a registered trademark.

Said the "willing to the United States Tang" Pearl Powder trademark was registered cases, it is understood that the Beijing Heng * * Cheng in a certain application materials leaking seal, resulting in the application of materials are returned, in return for rectification period, may be long * bird registration. It can be seen that the agency's unprofessional is the cause of "willing to the United States Hall" trademark is the root cause of the registration.

Of course, also do not rule out another possibility, that is, "willing to the United States Hall" trademark is the trademark agency to operate the switch.

Taking into account the risk of commissioning a registered trademark, and the trademark is the cause of the fundamental, entrepreneurs can fully consider personally to the Beijing city, Xicheng District, San East eighth, the National Trademark Office to submit their own trademark application (foreign go to a Beijing general cost about 1000 yuan, Agencies generally each trademark is also charged 1000 yuan of the agency fees, the cost is similar to the basic situation as follows:

In the case of ready materials, half an hour or so to complete the application process, not trouble;

On the preparation of application materials, the National Trademark Office website ( Trademark application columns are detailed description and various documents download, simple and clear;

National Trademark Office is located in the south side of the state administration of industry and commerce, free access to provide scissors, glue and other possible materials to be used, but there is no print service, there is a paid copy service;

It is convenient to take the Beijing metro line Line 1 to the National Trademark Office. Get off at the "San" station. The first traffic light is the East road, turn left to the north over two junctions, Dong (right hand), that is, the State Trademark Office, a total of about 10 minutes walking distance;

Staff will conduct a formal review when receiving materials, and if they do not meet the requirements will help you point out that you need to reprint the application material, so it is recommended to go to the application with a computer or electronic documents;

Application materials must be double-sided printing;

Be sure to keep the receipt of the collection issued by the trademark Office, and you will need to produce this receipt when you go to the Trademark Office for on-site enquiries.

The Trademark Office stipulates that only the trademark acceptance notice can be sent by registered letter to the applicant's business license address, so the contact address on the application can only fill in this address, it is important to note;

If it goes well, you can leave Beijing by the end of the day and save the accommodation in Beijing.

Other suggestions:

If you want to avoid potential competitors, you can use the identity of a trusted friend to register their trademarks, pending the successful application of the transfer, so it is easier to avoid competitors to your trademark to move the wrong brain;

Second, taking into account the importance of trademarks, and your attitude towards entrepreneurship is very firm, then, do not save the registered trademark of this one thousand or two thousand yuan; Moreover, the application of the registered trademark itself is not really complicated;

Third, the trademark first design, the first use, the product first sale of the evidence must be retained, in the face of trademark registration events, the evidence will become very important;

Four, do not take the trade mark's affairs lightly, at present some trademark agency company blatantly specially helps the person to plan the trademark registration. Entrepreneurs first into the shopping malls, did not feel the brutal reality of the market, such as battlefield, overestimated the moral level of some competitors and peers, often feel that they do not disdain to do things others do not bother to do, creating a potential threat. The old saying goes: the heart of the harm must not have, prevent the human heart to have no. Enough to be worth learning and vigilance.

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