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SEO personnel must learn to do SEO diagnostics, in the Enterprise station optimization process, we had better first for the customer's website to write a detailed SEO diagnostic scheme, SEO diagnosis everyone is not unfamiliar. SEO work can be subdivided into the content, SEO can also be divided into the diagnosis: the structure of the site to diagnose the SEO, the content of the site to SEO diagnosis, the site's outside the chain of SEO diagnostics, and so on, today I want to say is the Enterprise station optimization in the more common problems: optimization over In fact, SEO personnel on the optimization of more or less will have some understanding, but the author has seen many of the customer's website, optimization has become an enterprise station optimization problems. Before this, first let the author of the optimization of the specific performance of excessive:

1. There are lots of meaningless anchor text links at the bottom of the homepage.

2, Title, Keywords, description piling keywords

3, the site weight page piling anchor text

4, the article content intends to repeat the key words

5, the site there are too many spam links

6, outside the chain in a short period of rapid growth, to achieve a certain effect will stop growth.

And then analyze the next few examples of enterprise stations, optimization of the biggest harm is to make your website "inexplicably" by Baidu down right, so many SEO personnel found their own maintenance of the enterprise station was down the right, and then will certainly carefully check the reason for the right to drop, think of their own and did not use any cheating methods. Suspicious reasons of one by one, such as: Friendship links, linked chain, server instability, etc., but often let us ignore a big drop right killer is over optimization. The process of SEO pay attention to a "degree", this "degree" is also our optimization process is the most difficult to grasp things. The following is the author of some of the enterprise station over the optimization of the classic case:

First: keyword, title, description of the keyword stack


Figure I: Title keyword stack serious

SEO personnel know that the title of information for the site optimization significance, but as the figure of the obvious keyword piling case there are many, of course, this can not be attributed to the responsibility of the SEO personnel, the biggest is likely to be the customer requirements of the keyword more, in the face of such a situation how can we solve it A website's home page is suitable for some of the more competitive keywords, as for those product category name keywords can be laid out in the catalog pages. After all, a website's homepage also can not put so many long tail words, so the enterprise station long tail word layout need to pay attention to. But if not a lot of keywords, all on the home page more conducive to optimization, because the main domain name of the highest weight.

Second: Inside chain overflow, in order to chain inside chain


Figure II: The chain overflow, an article too many keywords point to the main domain name

The inner chain is as important as the outside chain, but the inner chain pursues nature and balance, preferably not within the chain. As shown in Figure two, now the author found that many of the home page of the enterprise station is accustomed to the site of all the keywords point to the main domain name, is like a friendship link, but there are many enterprises stand in the station link is very "strong", and some places did not have the main words of the site, so hard to plug a few words, the purpose is to add links. The link section of home page can use a main keyword to point to the main domain name. The inner chain layout of the station should pay attention to the point, the principle is balanced, natural. The article in the natural occurrence of the keyword can add a corresponding link, but an article also do not do too many inside the chain, generally 3 or so can be.

Third: The number of new stations outside the chain too fierce

The new station outside the chain can not be too fierce, this is very clear to everyone. can go to look at Baidu home page of some sites, watch the chain data. In particular, the recent Baidu algorithm big adjustment, many sites domain and site data are falling, anti-chain data is very bad, now the false original article is not easy to be included, unless your site weight is good, new station or honest to write the original bar, original content and high-quality chain has always been our pursuit, It is easier said than done, specifically we must master the ability to write soft text, and strengthen their writing ability. I believe that the future SEO personnel must have the ability to combine the words of the network. On the problem of excessive optimization of enterprise station Perhaps the author also omitted, I hope you can give pointed out that the above several problems in the Enterprise station optimization process, we are most likely to make mistakes. An enterprise station SEO diagnostics should start with the code, then the website organization, and finally the site content.

To sum up: SEO personnel in the optimization of corporate web site, as far as possible to avoid the above optimization of the excessive SEO operation. Haste makes waste, just like a big god in SEO industry said: "SEO needs low-key, low-key, and then low-key." This article by share reprint reservation address!

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