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Absrtact: Last time I was surprised when my colleague and I said that their annual event had a budget of 6 million. I probably pinch the count, in the 7 years of MOP, I got a market budget that doesn't add up to 6000 dollars, except for the activities that are often used by mop.

Last time I was surprised when my colleague and I said that their annual event had a budget of 6 million. I probably pinch a count, in mop 7 years, I got the market budget add up as if there are no 6000, in addition to the activities often used by the cat and other peripheral, so I said the budget is 0, not at all.

If you say I am accustomed to penniless, I don't mind, but I think I give this proposition, I believe it will be helpful to everyone, even a little hint, is enough.

Experience 1: In daily operations, learn to accumulate enough user resources

Do operation, must have the user consciousness, accumulate enough user resources, is one of the work that must do every day. How to do this, in the previous article has already said some basic entry-level methods and strategies. User resources are not more, but the essence, but also in peacetime accumulation.

The key point, you will be in the user's operation to find fun, because you can know a lot of cattle users, beauty, Internet reds, writers and so on, even stars, directors and so on. As I said a little bit, combining work and interest doubles the efficiency.

There are enough user resources to do the activities, you can directly pull them to participate, which is the most basic. You can also think deeper, such as inviting some people who have enough popularity on the internet to be the judges and special guests of your activities. I used to invite celebrities, pushing hands, reds to do the judges, such as "Call Beast." This will make your activities invisible and raise the whole "grade".

Experience 2: A point that many people can easily overlook--the purpose of the activity

Activities are not for activities.

If the activity is significant, such as bringing revenue to the company, it's easy, you can go to the sales Department for support, they should be happy, if your department is paid, you can calculate the cost of the activity together.

If the activity is of little significance, or if it is not necessary to do so, or if you do not think clearly, you would rather not do it. You have to learn to convince your leader and yourself that you are not working hard even if you do it to the community.

The basic starting point of Operation: Website brand. If you often start from this perspective, you will naturally think of a lot of wonderful ideas and ideas; From the brand, you will consider the time cost: small activities, small topics I often ask operators to post in 5 minutes to an hour, medium and large events can be a little more beautiful, such as in the form of a project, The details of the event can be further processed, which is based on this starting point.

Experience 3: What if you really don't have any prizes?

It is estimated that many people have encountered this problem, generally speaking, there are several ways:

First, find sponsorship.

In fact, is to find to provide activities for the prizes of individuals or companies to seek help, the two sides agreed, as long as in the activity to give each other a certain revealing can. But there is a principle: do not look for the company's brand customers, potential customers of the company as a sponsor, because this will cause disruption to the sales department, affecting the company's revenue. Of course, you also find friends to help, I did the first activity, a friend gave me two bottles of perfume, timely help Ah, I always remember. Friends have more roads to go, you know!

The second, the joint Sales department to do together.

Do activities will appear two extremes, a lot of operators have been doing activities, but overlooked a point: activities can also be sold; one is to do activities purely for sale, income.

The best activities require an effective balance between the former being too blind and the latter too utilitarian. If your activity is made of originality, it is possible to do it beautifully and brilliantly, and it is possible to sell it. But whether you sell or not, salespeople can also help you find prizes because they are directly in touch with customers.

Third, seek help and advice from the leadership. This method is recommended as the next worst. Remember, never leave a problem to the leader.

Experience 4: Some of the details and tips in the activity copy

There are a few things you should be aware of:

Title。 As with the post, the title must be carefully considered, a good title is also the success of the activity copy half of the guarantee. The title must be attractive or the user point will not point. The title of the activity can be appropriate to bring some prizes, such as the XXX awards, such as you take.

Active content. Includes: Activity profile, Activity map, activity flow, award description and prizes Introduction, precautions, etc. Each link must be carefully considered, be sure to streamline and concise, too long, users do not have the patience to see, avoid obscure. Each link, you can use black or color word bold, paragraph must be clear, the emphasis must be highlighted or even bold red. To know a point: the user three minutes can not understand what you are doing this activity, he may participate?

As far as possible the essence of the activity in the flow of the most concentrated page fully displayed, as far as possible to avoid the possibility of two clicks. Why would you do that? Do activities or do the site, you have to improve the user retention rate.

So every time I do an activity, I spend a lot of time in processing these details, such as the entries, every time there is a new work involved, I will be the first time every day to update the work on the home page (of course there is an active system do not do this, I admit that our approach is too primitive), which will lead other people to participate, for browsing users will be more engaging.

Attention to the guidance of the response, which is important for active participants, browsing users. A bad comment, an insulting reply to the contestant, as far as possible, delete. In short, the activity of Word-of-mouth for the first purpose.

About the event prizes. This is crucial. Most of the people involved in your activities are directed at the prizes. The quality of the prizes directly affects the quality of the activities. The prize is not necessarily the RMB, you give, only is the user in real life is not likely to get, will not easily get things, users are the most seductive. Of course your money is big enough, that's fine.

The picture of the prize must have, the so-called no picture without the truth.

and about the award rules, do not set the threshold too high. It is impossible for a user to see himself, he certainly will not participate. So in our activities, we often set up a number of participation awards, to make up for users do not get the jackpot caused by the psychological deficiencies.

Experience 5: Flexibility and shortcuts to active operations

I just came to mop three months, the first activity, I was responsible for the layout of the data has been doubled three times times. At that time remember the theme is the United States leg competition, now such activities can not be done. I have a hunch that this kind of activity may appear the malpractice, so at that time deliberately in the title Riga "Health" word, with "health legs contest" to limit, some unqualified entries can be deleted at any time.

I actually took a shortcut, because I found that Taobao is also doing the same activities, and just finished, so I went to Taobao from the entries, I think the best people sift out, find them, all pulled to the competition, because after I screened, so no doubt, The quality of my entries will definitely be higher than Taobao's leg competition. This is 7 years ago, I hope the students have a large number of Taobao, do not shoot me bricks ah.

At the same time, together with mop Local users, we will choose the best entries, the first time to give and recommend, so that users with the full interaction, and slowly cultivate.

Later, my hands on more and more users, the effect of doing activities is naturally more and more good. I remember to do a self-portrait contest, my idea of the first place is not even elected, because all are beautiful.

The purpose of the operation is not the number of entries, but the number of outstanding entries. Remember at that time Renren has an activity, there are more than 10,000 people involved, obstinately choose not to come first, because the quality is too little. That's the difference.

Experience 6: Do activities, activities are always "do" out, how to ensure the effect of activities?

Do activities, never have any illusions, waiting for users to participate in your activities, the best activities are always running out.

1, the operation of the activities of the work more important. Activities must have enough, high-quality work, this is your direction, you must be aware of the details of the activities, so you can carry out some of the key recommendations of the work, in your site highlighted position to recommend. Operating activities will play a role in the overall effect of the activity, and you can not even stand outside the need to promote the content is OK.

2, outside the station promotion, the promotion work effect may be better. Currently commonly used channels microblogging, micro-letters, Qqzone, and so on, generally more emphasis on the content itself, the simple recommendation of the main activities, users do not like to see, as the promotional activities in the entries, the method is very simple, the entry of the works, a single publicity, or through the collection of the way, the best works integrated to spread.

3, the use of effective resources in the station (advertising, recommended location, etc.). about the promotion in the station, I must say is: You must know your website which resources can be effectively used, if not clear, then usually a little summed up, or ask the people who know this piece. This is very, very important, because other parts of the operation need to be used.

In short, the details determine success or failure, activities involved in more details, the theory is always a theory, not through the actual operation, to be skilled, understand each link, each detail will encounter problems, you will naturally never know how to solve, will not know how to faster, more efficient to make high-quality activities.

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