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Can I say I am a stationmaster, I once bang oneself in the computer use Dreamweaver design webpage hao not hesitate oneself stationmaster's identity, not calculate the senior stationmaster, but at least I am a grassroots stationmaster, because I am studying the technology, I am in the higher level stationmaster progress. I remember when the school held a web design competition, hey, I took my one months of work to take part in the competition. Because the game is only in the freshman sophomore, so I reluctantly took the first prize, this matter to my influence actually quite big. From then on I know in fact now school students will do a little site, and I actually did not pay too much effort, so much more than a lot of students a specialty, I le it? Plus some students seem to know that I will do the site, I do not want to do a "half swing", so I will be more spurs to look at web design books, Dreamweaver related books I borrowed a bunch in the library! That was a crazy day! class also see, class also look! Freshman time did not buy a computer in the machine room familiar with the code! Think of that time many students are going to the computer room to play games, and I was doing so serious things, I think, Interest is really really not only the best teacher, or the biggest driving force! To a sophomore to buy a computer, in the freshman more solid foundation, I can basically leave the book, skilled operation of the site's entire production process! This makes me very relieved, I think is my website construction Road a very big leap!

Gradually, I found it impossible to go on like this. Because I have been doing static sites for a long time, and the Web site is now basically Dynamic Web site. Static and Dynamic Web site is the difference, dynamic site has a webmaster and visitors interactive process, and static web site can not achieve this requirement, and static site maintenance it is quite troublesome. So I started learning dynamics. Starting from the ASP, I borrowed this book to see, is a crazy day ah.

ASP relatively simple HTML language, is another level, so I often search in Baidu to find some answers to the questions. That is, at this time, I know Im286,admin5,chinaz and some very famous webmaster website. Here I was the first to learn the technical problems, but gradually found that the original is not so, because I know the CMS. With the production of CMS site has been very silly. I have a wide variety of CMS online, including ASP and PHP. Run locally so I know the features of these CMS and the methods they use.

Also remember, at that time simply will not build an ASP environment in the local, but also in the online know Netbox, this is a good thing. That is, it installed in my computer, completely opened my ASP's CMS learning. After a period of study, I almost know the strong CMS, but also basically know how to play CMS, at this time, the president of the hkcss niu to me to do the website. Originally Fei and Kwong elder brother recommended me, I also got a very good opportunity, a real dynamic website opportunity! Hesitate that time, I am learning to move easy CMS, and in accordance with the requirements of the NIU website, so I directly selected the move Easy cms. Because also relatively hands-on, and dormitory night without power, I made a few night to complete. Later, after some space problems, finally the website online.

It turns out that I have a certain growth in the Dynamic Web site, junior last semester, our College's Kang secretary let me put the website of our College a little change version, I get the site's files found inside the site there are some unnecessary files, I spent a day to the site before the style made a little bit of change, Then the background is again tied up with another CMS, the day is completed.

Because of long-term online bubble, I know dedecms, this CMS really really tough, the first time I know it, I decided to use it to do the site. But it's PHP script, which is a big challenge for me! Because I don't know any PHP! And the previous study seems to be not a concept! But Dedecms templates are ok, so I directly under the online program installed in their own space! Speaking of space, I remember the hesitation at that time, Because I have never bought space, I do not know whether it is worth money to buy space to do the site, because I do not have a concept of profit model. But in my hesitation, the school gave us scholarships, hehe, just that day or my birthday, a happy, buy it!

Such a look is very cattle site became, but the problem is that although this station has been very good, but in fact, there is no thing I made out, all is DEDECMS tough only these! So from that time, I was confused for a long time, I was thinking, such a site, looks powerful, the page is still pretty good , but in fact there is no one I wrote the code, no one is my design, in addition to every day I ctrl+c,ctrl+v a little something outside.

So I am a webmaster? At one time, I was in a webmaster forum to ask a webmaster, he said I was, he said that as long as I have the right to manage the site, then I am the webmaster; he also told, in fact, we usually see the site and my site is the same----CMS, We usually say that the webmaster are the same as I am, he also told me that in fact now to do a website, not difficult, is the webmaster later promotion and profitability. I think he's right!

Since then I no longer hesitate this question, I think I am a webmaster, because for a long time I have been trying to promote my site, I also spend my mind in Webmaster network to my website to write promotional soft wen, and then constantly enrich the content in their own website. Until one day, perhaps my taste improved a little bit, anyway, I think my template is not so good-looking, I would like to revision! In fact, the revision is also very easy, because there are many Dede on the Web template can be downloaded, so I have a template on the web, gradually also know how to modify the template, In fact, as long as you know HTML is almost! But this time a little situation, I did not back up before the revision of the data, such a revision, resulting in my site before the data are all lost, this is a great blow! At this time, one day someone will buy my station, I told him the website has lost the data, but he still wants to buy it. I went to check the PR, just found that the original station has been to the PR3, but I do not know the market, I will sell him 200 dollars, I do not know the loss or earned, should be a loss! It is said that only this PR to sell links can make money!

This matter I know two things: first, the site to remember before the revision of the backup;

Then I will do the template, I mainly do dedecms template, especially learned to imitate the station, in fact, the template and CMS is not related to any template can be matched with any CMS, just related to the label issue. I want to do a Web site, one day I saw Pacific template is not bad, so I imitated it down, used in their own present eloquence net ( inside.

In fact, now Web site production is not difficult, at least I can do all kinds of websites, sometimes I still fantasize about opening a small company, specializing in the production of Web sites, because the status of the site will certainly become more and more important, we usually say that the internet, in many cases, not all on the site. So the company's corporate school stores should be more and more need the site! haha! I'll be looking for business opportunities by then. Ha ha.

No reason to write some of my station, in fact, there is no need to be so excited, I personally or prefer to calm down a little bit low-key ...

Do not say the site, talk about their own now.

In fact, there is a little blind, 23-year-old people, before the old feel that the more than 20-year-old should be able to independently, there is a ritual, steady and down-to-earth person, but look at me now, how do I still think I am a child? Really want to go out of the campus, into the community can really appreciate grow up, to know the human suffering, Can not so idealistic, so that students can not be so angry, can not talk so much?

I know there is a big difference between the society and the school, but now I do not nostalgia for the campus or the Society: the school is too easy, too ideal, and the society is too dark, too crazy. I do not want to stay in school, because "the tree wants to stop the wind is not quiet, son to filial piety and the father is not" it is terrible. Not cranky, not alarmist.

Now everyone's social pressure seems to be very big, especially for my graduating young people. Today on the Tencent Internet to see the "two sessions" of a topic on "Young people to pass seven": The world's most painful thing, once thought is the examination University, the examination University's we say that is difficult, the work person smiles, the work we say is difficult, the job-seeking person smiles; we say difficult to find a job, the person that falls account smiles; The people who bought the house smiled; We said it was difficult to buy a house, no money to see the doctor laughed;

When you want to go out of campus, can you find a good job? When it comes to work, can you do it? When you want to be on the scene to appreciate the society, can be both ways? Can you hold on to the responsibility when you can't play as easily as before? When you can't take it for granted, ask your parents for money, and how to honor them? Do you have a stable career when you want to fall in love? When you want to get married, is that who she is? When you have a child, can you set a role model for your child? When the parents really are old, can make a worthy of my heart filial son? When a child grows up, Can it lead them to set the right values? When old, can be serene to bask in the sun together memories of that young time??。。。 When everything is natural to the direction of the time to develop, we savor all kinds of emotions should be a kind of wealth?!

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