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Recently, the uproar over the internet has been a matter of failure of the rice network. For every year, the Internet business closed is normal, many closed businesses have not caused so much attention, so why the rice network will be so concerned about it? The collapse of the rice net can bring what to vertical business?


Rice network tepid also developed 10 years, this 10 years through the rice network reservation telephone booking, the checkout member restaurant to give consumers discounts and other means is very popular with consumers. But this is in the year, will have such a good effect, and the Internet one day changes, the previous pattern does not mean that can be long!

This tells us to be a vertical operator and not to stay in a certain way. Need to constantly follow the consumer's favorite and adjust the operating methods. This is where every executive of the Business-to-consumer has to be very careful.


Rice network in this 10 years, in fact, there is a follow-up to the changes in the Internet and launched a variety of operating methods, such as group buying to buy, app Fire also engage in app, but why did these still escape from the collapse of the occurrence of it? The reason is very simple, the rice net is in fact in the behavior of the follower, see what others are doing, What I'm doing!

And that's what a lot of vertical people do now. According to the author understand that many of the current website is also in the blind follow the bandwagon, what all do, buy, app, and so every one has made, but after doing it for a variety of reasons (human, resources) and not good use, There is no model of its own. So the mode of being led is hard to stand on, only their own efforts to guide consumers to make the site better development.


The failure of the rice network has really surprised us! Because the rice network in these 10 years actually did not make any fatal mistake, also has its own set of models, and in 08 have been a big financing, the problem is that no competitor is more sensitive, bolder, stronger executive power, all kinds of factors superimposed, the end of the market eliminated!

This is a warning to us vertically, the internet is a fast fish eat slow fish, not you do not make mistakes you will certainly not be eliminated. Therefore, we need to be more sensitive, bolder and more powerful in the market analysis, competitor analysis and Operation Strategy Adjustment. To be a fast fish in the ocean!

Written at the end:

Rice network survival So long is also because of their own good model, however, in the rapid development of the Internet era, lack of innovation means the possibility of being eliminated. Rice network is because the old model has been retained without good innovation and walk slowly, leading to the collapse. Therefore, we must always keep the spirit of innovation in order to allow the enterprise to go longer!

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