The father of the six-lent sexual harassment 25-year-old daughter online 150,000 hired fierce kill father

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September 22 Evening 10 o'clock, Nanjing Qinhuai District Blue Flag San Tsuen, a young man stabbed to death in the corridor of six old man Mr. Fu. Police enquiries revealed that Mr Fu, a 25-year-old daughter, hired a man to commit murder. What is the contradiction between father and daughter? Yesterday afternoon, "> Yangzi Evening News reporter contacted Mr. Fu's ex-wife, Ms. Hu. Ms. Hu said that Mr Fu was not good to his daughter and sexually harassed his daughter. As a mother, she would ask for a lawyer for her daughter.


There's still some dry blood on the front floor.


If according to Mother's narration, the 25-Year-old girl who hires the father of murder, Hu MoU, the trajectory of life should be divided into two parts to read.

In the more than 20 years before July 10 this year, she did not have much impression of her father. It is July 10 that the father and daughter meet all sorts of, caused today's tragedy. Of course, this is only a mother's point of view.

When the daughter was 1 years old, the couple divorced.

Yesterday morning, Hu's mother, Ms. Hu, is not located in Nanjing Xuanwu District's home, neighbors said, Ms. Hu in Nanjing, a car factory, lived here for more than 10 years, she hurried out early in the morning. Ms. Hu has been raising her daughter alone, and the neighbors have never seen their daughter's father look like. Ms Hu's mother and daughter have always been relatively low-key, usually more frugally, can see the relationship between mother and daughter is very good.

Yesterday afternoon, the Yangzi Evening News reporter was contacted by Ms. Hu. On the phone, she told reporters that when the daughter was only 1 years old, she and old pay divorce, with her daughter left. For the reasons for the breakup, Ms Hu said there is no need to repeat the old, but she felt that the elderly have problems. After the divorce, Ms. Hu alone with her daughter's life, she said, in order not to affect the daughter's growth, over the years she did not look for the other half, wholeheartedly to bring the daughter big.

Once met, father and daughter quarrel

Ms. Hu said that after the divorce, the daughter and the birth fathers had no contact, including text messages and telephone calls. The daughter's impression of his biological father has not been clear.

However, in the daughter of 7 years old, in the daughter of two uncle Mediation, the two in Nanjing City, a KFC restaurant met. "I took my daughter to the KFC restaurant and let my daughter in." ”

Ms. Hu recalls that both father and daughter met and did not imagine the warmth of the two sides instead of a quarrel, and even a tussle. The daughter went in and ran out crying. Later, Ms Hu also chased the past and took her daughter home.

Since then, the father and daughter have no contact, "I am more against the daughter and her father contact." Ms. Hu said, always feel that old pay personality problems will affect their daughter's growth.

Daughter and uncle Reconcile, put aside the stereotype of the ex-husband

According to Hu's uncle, so many years has been a sister with niece, old pay on the maintenance of money did not. Ms. Hu also said that when the two divorced, the court had decided to pay 30 yuan monthly maintenance fee, she thought she was fully capable of raising her daughter, so she did not collect, the old pay later did not express the initiative to pay.

Ms Hu said that there were two brothers in the United States, the daughter and two uncles usually contact through the internet, sometimes two uncle also volunteered to call to greet, after returning home will come to see her daughter.

Ms Hu said that the daughter's two uncles often remind, after all, is the biological father and daughter, dad sometimes should also see the girl. In the daughter of two uncle's reconcile, Ms Hu gradually put down on the old pay stereotypes.

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