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Women's web site is now the pattern, can be described as the spring and autumn warring States, so that the author does not understand that such a fight, unexpectedly is the content of a high degree of duplication caused by the homogenization of competition, so that the vast number of female friends appear aesthetic fatigue. So in the female website link group, just often have stationmaster ask, female website how to break through.

Interpreting the status of women's websites

Content Division. Looking at the current women's website, the content is all about beauty and fashion, dress collocation, love sex, astrology, beauty photo and so on all aspects, all strive to complete, everything, and the portal in the Content Division no difference. Due to energy and financial constraints, the general is to take human flesh replication and machine acquisition, a large number of homogeneous content to reduce the readability of the article, those so-called false original, topsy-turvy, out of context, readability is worse.

Style. Website template sameness, to pink, powder green, pink purple, orange and other gentle tones mainly, column settings for the same, this has become a common problem of women's websites.

Domain name breakthrough to become a new bright spot

Since there is no way to change the reality of women's website, as a personal webmaster, we must accept the reality, looking for a new breakthrough, and the domain name is expected to become a new breakthrough. A good domain name allows female users to have an emotional identity, on the other hand, can also save a lot of energy in the promotion.

In the industry, it is said that the domain name than the CEO is important, although some of the exaggerated elements, but the author deep feelings. In tens of thousands of women's websites, it is not easy to let female users remember you and reuse your site, not to mention that your content is far less than a large comprehensive professional website. Therefore, the user to the domain name identity is very important.

How to cultivate the identity of user domain name

Women are sentimental, there are many times, just because the man a casual words decided to marry him, female users in the online reading is also a stunning manifestation of such emotional identity. Perhaps because a popular good memory domain name, or just the domain name in line with her input habits, or only the domain name reflected in the cultural aspects, and so many factors, all affect the user on the women's web site has a sense of belonging.

Of course, emotional identity, the sense of community belonging to these spiritual aspects of things, need to cultivate, individuals think you can start from here:

A given domain name has the cultural significance: a good domain name should have the cultural significance, has the significance, can let the person remember. and women in the blood of the pursuit of beauty, and the domain name has cultural significance, women can not refuse the culture produced by the beauty. When registering a domain name, it must take into account the cultural significance of its future, or regional significance.

With Niuniu love 8201.html "> Fashion female website Example analysis, Niuniu love fashion, is a professional female website Daquan." Obviously, a smart woman can remember it in a second. Although this is a digital domain, it carries too much cultural significance. Niuniu The word itself has feminine meaning, and very intimate, the use rate is very high, popular good remember. On the other hand, as a female, nature has the pursuit of beauty and power, the poem has a cloud: Fair Lady, Gentleman. So as Niuniu is far from enough, must be gentleman girl, that will be slim, love fashion. So Niuniu love fashion, is to represent the pursuit of fashion women, on the one hand, with the traditional virtuous pursuit of elegance, on the other hand, is also a new era of the known women.

The two must conform to the popular habit of typing, such as the letter X, v obviously does not conform to the input habit.

Just rely on domain name identity is far from enough, must have real gold content of silver, women's website to retain users, but there is no doubt, whether the choice of domain name, or content readability, only for the female user experience to consider, can go farther. This article by the webmaster feeds!

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