The fifth board of Directors is concerned

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Abstract: After the successful introduction of Alibaba Group chairman Ma Yun to UC Superior as the board of directors, UC excellent as chairman and Chief Executive Officer Yu recently interviewed "Daily Economic news" reporter, Ma yun for UC excellent view the most important significance is to ensure that management

After the success of the Alibaba Group chairman of the board into the UC Board of directors, UC excellent as chairman and Chief Executive Officer Yu recently interviewed the Daily Economic news reporter, Ma yun for UC excellent view the most important significance is to ensure that the management of the company's control rights.

And for the foreign media reported that UC gifted will continue to prepare for the U.S. listing matters, Yu denied, he said, the corresponding to the Alibaba overweight, UC excellent view of the valuation of about more than 1 billion U.S. dollars, and UC gifted as a predetermined goal is to reach the billions of U.S. dollar valuation before considering listing.

The fifth board of Directors is concerned

Yu said that Ma will be from two aspects of the impact of UC excellent view: One, Ma Yun has a strategic view, entrepreneurship in the right pattern, which is also MA can help UC excellent view of an important aspect; second, Alibaba has a lot of resources, the future of UC gifted will have more cooperation with Alibaba.

However, Yu to the daily economic news reporter, Ma yun for UC excellent view of the most important significance is that it to ensure that the company's management control. Prior to UC excellent view of the board of Directors has 7 seats, management only accounted for 3 seats; After Ma Yun's shares, UC excellent as also the board of Directors of the reorganization, reduce the board to 5 seats. After the reduction, management 3 seats, MA Yun 1 seats, who is the fifth seat?

Data show that December 2006, UC gifted from Lei and other celebrities from the 4 million Yuan Angel investment; August 2007, Morningside Investment and joint venture to invest in the total investment of UC excellent as 10 million U.S. dollars; in June 2009, UC gifted as the formal acceptance of Alibaba and other institutions of strategic investment; March 2010, UC excellent as the Nokia Growth Partner Fund Strategic Investment, this round of financing also won the prestigious venture capital institutions GGV investment support.

According to Yu revealed that in Alibaba's latest round of investment, the withdrawal of investors, including Nokia and Morningside, and the integration of the fifth seat is not the first to invest in UC excellent Lei, Yu did not disclose.

According to other people close to UC, said the company's board of directors of the fifth seat may also be GGV representative. UC excellent view of the current market target is globalization, GGV as a global fund for UC excellent as the internationalization of the value.

Valuations are not high enough to rush IPOs

Prior to the news that UC gifted as already in the active planning of IPOs, Yu to accept the "daily economic news," the reporter said in an interview explicitly denied. In Yu's view, the current market valuation of UC excellent is not up to the management team's expectations. According to him, the company's overweight, UC-valued valuation of more than 1 billion U.S. dollars, and management's goal is to reach billions of U.S. dollars after the launch of the IPO.

Internet expert Zhigang that, UC excellent as the pioneering in the localization, and Baidu and other giants will be more intense competition, the launch of the "uc+ Super App platform" will face the challenge of Baidu Light application strategy. In the U.S. market, the current market share is only 1%, can be negligible. "It's not easy to get 1%," Yu said.

For the competition of giants such as Baidu, Yu said, the past two years UC excellent view has been WebApp advocate, and Baidu and other giants enter just explain the UC excellent view of the development direction is right, the giant's entry will be better to bigger this market.

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