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To the best of our knowledge, 3PAR, the world's leading provider of Utility Storage, offers a range of highly virtualized, dynamically graded, tightly clustered storage arrays for utility computing. And since 10 years ago, cloud computing began to be used to solve various scenarios. According to Gartner, 3PAR has the second largest share of the U.S. hosting market. 3PAR also has a large social network and search capabilities, including and In addition, 3PAR has a number of enterprise customers in the vertical markets with service-oriented software.

At the SNW meeting, Mr. Craig Nunes said: "The economic crisis has put various industries in a slump, but China's economy is still showing a trend of growth. Meanwhile, the IT cloud service market is also one of the few rising markets in the IT industry. According to a well-known research firm analysis shows that in 2008 the global IT cloud services spending about 162 billion US dollars, and by 2012, IT cloud services spending soared to 42.3 billion US dollars, showing a bright future in this market space. The cloud computing Has become the hottest topic under the dynamic demand of the market.Current total benefits of cloud computing such as reducing costs, increasing flexibility and enhancing scalability, prompting companies have to build their own private cloud, to achieve Reduce the cost of internal services purposes. "

So, in the highly sought after cloud computing today, companies want to build a private cloud What are the storage needs? In response, Mr. Craig Nunes replied in detail: "To effectively support cloud computing, the infrastructure must support several key features. First, these systems must be autonomous, that is, they must be embedded with automation technology , Eliminating manual deployment and management tasks and allowing the platform to intelligently respond to application requirements on its own.If the system requires human intervention to allocate and manage resources, it can not adequately address cloud computing requirements.Secondly, the cloud computing architecture must be agile , Can react swiftly to demand signals or changing workloads - in other words, embedded virtualization and clustering to handle rapid changes in growth or service-level requirements If the system takes hours, how many Days or weeks to respond to new applications or user needs, then the system will not be able to meet the cloud computing requirements.In addition, the establishment of private cloud also requires considerable IT skills. "

In addition to introducing the storage requirements for building a private cloud, Mr. Craig Nunes also conducted a detailed analysis of the benefits of private clouds. Although, public and private clouds are flexible, efficient and secure features. However, compared with the public cloud, private cloud has the features to better meet the needs of customers.

First, private clouds have the flexibility to adapt to unexpected situations, meet unplanned requirements, and speed up the deployment of new or changing workloads, thereby increasing the project's return on investment.

Second, the efficiency of private cloud is reflected in its ability to reduce costs and adapt costs to IT / business goals. Because private clouds start with a low investment, grow scalable, and have the benefits of thin provisioning, streamlined replication, thin-provisioning, and more, users can purchase storage for new application data on demand, reducing capacity by up to 75% and related Cost (SAN, Energy, Land, Space). And, because private clouds can be configured once in a matter of seconds for storage, eliminating the need to pre-purchase storage capacity, up to 90% less management time.

Finally, private clouds have excellent security and eliminate the loss of shared assets. Storage-centric and storage-like technologies ensure "dedicated" asset security for "shared" cost agencies and maintain the security of 100 virtual arrays in a single physical truth. Completely automated load balancing, as well as support for mixed and "carrier-class" availability ensure service levels, so performance is still robust in the event of a failure.

After the conference, Mr. Craig Nunes concluded: "For businesses, cloud computing represents a concentrated convergence of technology trends in enterprise computing, and many are splittable, modular hardware and networking that can be delivered by default Policies dynamically allocate storage resources so that once a company establishes a private cloud, empowers business users to be able to use powerful computing power without knowing the specific technology.3PAR, the world's leading management of 80% Storage vendors, which are favored by service providers, can build cost-effective virtualized IT services for their internal and external services with the flexibility, efficiency and security of public storage for massive scale-up, fast auto-provisioning, and storage Tier dynamic optimization while streamlining provisioning and recovery without the need to procure capacity in advance, and its hypervisor-like storage technology for complete load-balancing automation and support for mixed workloads. 3PAR's public storage is deployed in a private cloud Ideal choice.

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