The first batch of hammer cell phone shipments will not exceed one thousand

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According to the relevant information we can see, July 8 Smartisan originally scheduled for release on the first day Smartisan T1 users, but will hammer founder Luo Yonghao microblogging consumers notice three days ago, the first mobile phone shipments will not exceed the hammer Thousands of Taiwan, aroused everyone's intense discussion.

"Futures" is already a hurdle for Internet phones

As if in the new mobile phone brand, "Futures" is a hurdle.

What consumers call "futures" seems to mobile phone manufacturers in general, call it "capacity climbing", the responsibility may be in the supply chain, or more links, such as Qualcomm often encountered before processing Insufficient supply.

This phenomenon is commonly used after the advent of millet phone, or is "learning." Millet brought the only advantage of such a way is that production capacity can be controlled, will not result in inventory backlog.

Through scheduled, wholesale distribution of the purchase can be in a period of time to grasp the market demand, according to the demand for production, which is the favorite brand newcomer point, will not cause a substantial loss of the capital chain. In addition to millet, Huawei glory, ZTE Nubia, a new brand plus, IUNI, etc. are continuing this practice.

Therefore, in the current market, the "futures" effect should continue. It is an inevitable compromise in such a highly competitive market.

Hammer cell phone road to success is still very difficult

Old Luo on the Smartisan T1 production capacity there are two points, first hammer mobile phone "harsh workmanship", resulting in lower yield, reduced shipments; the second is the hammer cellphone maker Foxconn Hammer phone not enough attention, it caused the hammer The phone's production capacity is insufficient.

At the same time Luo Yonghao microblogging response to consumer concerns, the recent daily shipments are between a few hundred to one thousand, while in two weeks after the shipments of about 1,800, monthly production capacity is probably 45,000 Department, shipped Monday to Saturday, closed on Sundays.

Calculated in this way, after the hammer officially stated that this product is scheduled to more than 200,000 (the data is very early, not the latest data), take about 5 months to put the previously scheduled user's product into the hands.

With the follow-up Foxconn iPhone product line pressure, I believe the hammer cell phone in the next few months will not be enough attention.

And Luo Yonghao also released a microblogging information on the production capacity of millet, this data comes from 2011, millet launched the first mobile phone after a set of data, "so many millions of rice millet phone waiting for the final transition from the scheduled phase to Ready to ship the state, yesterday, millet mobile phone official website also officially released the retail version of the sale plan ... from October 20 will start the scheduled delivery of the program, and the daily delivery of 1000 units continued To October 26, October 27 to November 2 will be on sale 2,000 units per day, after which production capacity will increase ... ".

Here Luo Yonghao want consumers to recognize the difficulty of a start-up business, but DoNews reporter Luo Yonghao high-profile personality, touted his cell phone until production capacity problems after pushing so that his fans more rational view of the problem, the hammer cell phone Also go a difficult road, just like the original millet. (Finish)

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