The first batch of three private banks approved to be set up was released

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Trainee reporter Zhang Shuo Beijing reported

The first batch of three private banks approved to be established was released on July 25. They are: Qianhai Bank of Shanghai Co., Ltd., Bank of Shanghai Qianhai Bank; Tencent, Huafeng-sponsored Wenzhou Commercial Bank; and Tianjin Jincheng Bank, the main sponsor of North China and Mai Mai.

In respect of the institutional arrangements for the remaining risks of private banks, the CBRC encouraged the promoters to bear the remaining risks but did not make mandatory obligations on the joint and several liability of private bank promoters. The establishment of private banks is still in accordance with the "Company Law" requirement, the sponsor to subscribe for their contribution or subscription of shares as limited, limited liability.

As for private capital's growing enthusiasm for opening financial institutions, the CBRC is investigating issues related to the expansion of pilot projects and maintaining liaison and communication with a number of private-owned enterprises in the central and western regions.

Business, shareholder adjustments

Compared with the first pilot list released in March, Mai Mai replaced Shanghui as one of the main sponsors of private banks in Tianjin.

According to the regulatory authorities, the withdrawal of the SSE is mainly due to the fact that the company's qualification does not meet the requirements of certain administrative licenses. Exchange Department put forward their own withdrawal.

"In line with the principle of commercial voluntariness, after coordinating with the sponsors and local governments of private banks, Tianjin finally proposed that North China Group and Mai Mai together act as the main sponsors of the establishment of private banks." Yang Liping, director of the two supervisions of the China Banking Regulatory Commission, Reporter said.

Another change of the list from Tencent, a hundred industry sources, Founding sponsor of Shenzhen Qianhai Bank. Different from the model of "big deposit and small loan" in the previous pilot program, the micro-bank in the preparation of the application will be featured in focusing on serving individual consumers and small and micro enterprises.

"This is mainly due to the adjustment made by Shenzhen after considering the actual situation of the development of regional economy and finance, the actual advantages of shareholders and the needs of future target customers. The original large-scale small loans were changed into small loans, personal services and Small and micro enterprises. "Yang Shuang, deputy director of the CBRC supervision department, told 21st Century Business Herald.

In addition, two of the five privately-run pilot private-owned banks, the China Banking Regulatory Commission, said they are still actively guiding the preparations for the other two private bank promoters, Alibaba and Wanxiang Group, Fosun and Junyao.

"We will continue to guide the other two private banks in setting up a group to speed up the preparation and construction of programs and to strengthen the communication and communication among the key sponsors of the pilot banks." Yang believes that the major promoters need further communication. Whether to start the construction this time has a direct relationship with the time they plan to prepare. Next, the CBRC will continue to guide the feasibility report and plan preparation.

In addition, the CBRC is also actively considering expanding the pilot work of private banks. "China Banking Regulatory Commission is researching and demonstrating the expansion of pilot projects, many central and western regions, interested private-owned enterprises, and CBRC are to maintain close communication." Yang Li-ping said.

Encourage risk exposure limit connected transactions

As for the institutional arrangement of residual risk, the sponsors of the three private banks approved this time took more responsibilities on the basis of taking responsibility for the banks in subscription of shares.

"Although the current reported private banks have different arrangements for the disposal of residual risks, the effect is the same, saying that accepting extended supervision by the regulatory agencies and facing the risk of bankruptcy and insufficient net assets to cover their debts will result in a net Assets or their actual controller's net assets, in whole or in part to pay. "Yang Shuang said.

"Before the deposit insurance system was fully established, we encouraged the private banks to shoulder the remaining risks. This is also a credit enhancement method in the course of operation. By this means, we can increase credit and make depositors have more confidence," said Yang Li-ping.

In addition, the CBRC is studying the drafting of specialized guidelines for the supervision of private banks, specifying that specialized agencies and specialists supervise the pilot private banks according to prudent standards, and emphasize the supervision of related party transactions in light of the characteristics of private banks.

"Some past experience shows that private banks are more prone to related party transactions, and therefore we have designed some concrete measures to guard against the risks of related party transactions at the source." Yang Liping, for example, said that the extension of supervision over pilot bank shareholders should be implemented and that bank shareholders and their Relevant enterprises voluntarily gave up the right to obtain related loans; the related reporting of other compliant transactions by way of pre-reporting will reduce the risks of possible connected transactions.

In addition, the shareholding of private commercial banks, the highest proportion of single sponsors can reach 30%, breaking the original 20% limit.

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