The first day of the Gem Declaration 108 Enterprises Sprint

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BEIJING, July 26 (Xinhua) The China Securities Regulatory Commission (CSRC) 26th officially accepted the listing application for GEM Enterprises, which means that the gem is entering the actual operation stage and the first batch of enterprises knocking on the market is around the corner.  According to the introduction, the first day, a total of 38 sponsoring agencies, 108 enterprises to the SFC to put forward the GEM listing application. The first day of application may not be able to the initial listed Securities and Futures Commission concerned department head said that this is in line with the initial application of the gem of the basic judgment, in the declaration process and arrangements are also achieved open, fair and effective.  In order to ensure the first day of the Declaration of materials efficient, orderly, the SFC specifically selected to open the Gem declaration, and stipulated that the declaration of the day of the enterprise does not distinguish between successively, and in advance to invite the sponsor of lottery to arrange the declaration order to avoid congestion. The person in charge said that 26th is the material receiving link, the SFC will be in the next 5 working days to accept the decision, and within 20 working days to the sponsor agencies feedback. Thereafter, the sponsor Body will supplement and revise the Declaration material accordingly. At the same time, within 5 working days after replying to the comments and modifying the application documents, the prospectus and its related annexes will be disclosed to the SFC website in advance, and shall be submitted to the Commission after review by the department.  The official said that 26th submitted materials to the enterprise is not necessarily be able to become the first batch of gem listed companies, only 5th after the SFC accepted the audit material, only to show that the enterprise into the audit process. According to the introduction, the SFC under the office has materials to accept the office, all the more than 50 administrative licensing items are transferred from here to the relevant business units, including the distribution department, the Fund department, the Ministry of Futures, international department, gem Hair Oia and other departments. The receiving office is mainly responsible for reviewing the completeness of the documents, and then handing over to the contractor departments for substantive trial.  According to the regulations, in order to standardize the process, the contractor department can only focus on one-time feedback to the applicant through the reception department, if there are special circumstances need to be approved by the SFC leading to the second feedback. 108 companies involved in 6 major industries it is also understood that the 26th application of 108 enterprises mainly concentrated in the new energy, materials, electronic information, biomedicine, environmental protection and energy saving, modern services and other six major industries, coastal and developed areas more.  A number of sponsors said that the hands still have a lot of reserve resources, but the first batch of enterprises to do their own optimization. 3 months after the first listing according to the administrative license arrangement, deduct the enterprise revises the material feedback time, completes the audit one enterprise work the limit to 3 months. Preliminary estimates, if all is normal, the first batch of GEM Enterprises will be officially listed at the end of October or early November.
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