The first double eleven of the Fliggy, in addition to 2.17 billion, what else did you read?

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Alibaba travels a lot of work on the technical level, and there are many breakthroughs in marketing and gameplay. The brand changed its name to Feifei on October 27th. The innovation of the whole platform is frequent, but all the efforts should eventually return. To the sales level. In this double 11 singles day exam, Feifei surrendered 2.17 billion. In addition to the final performance, what information can we read in it?

First, the long-term explosion into a platform GMV heavy recommendation

The biggest difference between Fliggy and Ctrip is that Fliggy is backed by Alibaba's ecosystem. In the case of the “Double 11” (Alibaba has obtained the “Double 11 Singles Day” registered trademark in 2014), the brand IP traffic dividend will also need to break through on the GMV year by year. In order to surpass the 1.5 billion in 2015, the long-term explosions are naturally the best choice for Alibaba Xiaoji to achieve KPIs because of its high customer price. It has become a heavy recommendation for Fliggy. From the phenomenon that travel agency merchants stayed at the forefront of GMV from last year to this year, the performance-oriented model should be difficult to change in the next few years.

Second, ticket products have sprung up

The scale of the ticket products of the large promotion has appeared, and the strategic layout of the Fliggy can be seen to some extent. Regardless of whether the Alibaba Airline Business Unit has continuously issued air ticket operations, business development and products in September, it is still able to interpret the Fliggy to gradually strengthen upstream resource control information. In addition, this year's Double 11 Singles Day has the following characteristics:

  1. The rise of airlines; in addition to the departure of China Southern Airlines 34 cities and the supporting products of the national intermodal transport, the investment of HNA's first flight this year is not small. Shenzhen Airlines is the main international self-service card, and the package of Yunnan Xiangpeng Airlines covers a wide area. There are more and more airlines stationed in Fliggy.

  2. The air service follows the trend; basically the shop home page has not come to the decoration, the product is less, the general store only one or two products, but the targeted, often different navigation services correspond to different destinations. The product model of round-trip airfare + accommodation in previous years is common in travel agency businesses. This year, the airline ticket generation has also begun to play a cross-border holiday free line of products, which has to be said to be a new development that needs attention.

  3. Alibaba travels self-operated branch; the SkyTeam Global Travel Package launched by Aspen Aerospace during the double 11 singles say period, which became the highlight of this year, became the highlight of this year.

Third, the platform tries to explore high-end customer needs

Fliggy travel from Taobao to Alibaba to brand independence, and always hope to explore high-end customers, and the platform model of Fliggy is beneficial to the promotion of high-end brands. The service mechanism of the store's customer service is also beneficial to individualization. Customized implementation. However, it has been difficult to embark on a complete high-end route due to the low price tags and customer perceptions of the original Amoy system and the differences in service capabilities of different merchants. However, it is still difficult to stop the pursuit of high-end customers by Feifei. This year, the line products of Double 11 Singles Day, Maoqiu, Dubai and Europe have gained important exposure.

Fourth, novelty games and exclusive experiences are getting more and more market

The high-end games such as Aurora, Antarctica, Global Travel, and African Grasslands are more interesting. On the one hand, in the current economic development, pure tourism and mass lines have become more and more difficult to attract the attention of passengers; on the other hand, Fliggy are building vacation IP, hoping to achieve value differentiation through good service and experience. On the basis of the launch of the Royal Tour, the French Motorsport Tour and the winery resort products in 2015, this year, Fliggy has clearly taken another big step. In the future market, exclusive experience resources will become the upstart of the tourism market, while the middlemen of traditional tourism product distribution need a better breakthrough.

Five, with the group tour main Alibaba travel line concept

At the venue of the Fliggy Double 11 Singles Day, most of the group tour is the Alibaba travel line. In this session, the Fliggy pays more attention to the customer's travel experience. Since June 28th, when I upgraded to the "Alibaba Travel Line", I not only recommended the endorsement of the marking in the regular operation, but also provided the traffic entrance of each channel and APP, which was stunned in this big promotion. Become a "pro-son". Under this warm reminder, the business with the group tour will soon achieve the convergence of service standards. In the era of e-commerce, channels and gameplay are important, but the essence of business is always products and services.

Sixth, the mainstream of the surrounding tour is still a dual mode

The Fliggy around the tour integrated the domestic ticket department, and this year's products also reflect the nature of the holiday. In the surrounding swimming market, the core mode is to eat and live one-stop all-inclusive, compatible with self-driving tour and other free customers; the second is to guide the single scenic national season card year card, recommend the country to play, but also more to stimulate the surrounding tour The frequency of travel, converting low-frequency consumption into high-frequency travel.

Seven, the hotel venue becomes the home of the brand business

Shangri-La Hotels and Resorts has always been the backbone of the Fliggy Travel Hotel. Whether it is a buffet or a hotel package, it is extremely popular. The hotel groups such as Kaiyuan, Country Garden, Wanda, Accor and Starwood are also strong merchants of Fliggy Travel in the past 11 years. This year's performance is even better. The Banyan Tree Hotel Group has only settled in this year, but it has also achieved good results in the Double 11 Singles Day. Marriott and Alibaba have reached a strategic cooperation and have done a lot in product and marketing.

However, the overall product form has not changed much in the past years, and the gameplay of the general room coupons is still used, and the sales are detonated by the brand cost performance. Products are often available in multiple locations, multi-store versatile and split-available, and come with upgraded room types, pool, gym and spa services, value-for-money and value-added services. The regional single hotel is based on the special destination, paying more attention to the additional services, not only free or lucky draw upgrades, different levels of food and meals, additional car rental charter or pick-up and drop-off machine in the transportation link, some brands have gifts Tickets and hot spring water park services.

Eight, the number of activities participating in the business has soared, the market competition is more challenging

There are many new merchants emerging in the Double 11 Singles Day this year. In 2015, Alibaba traveled 1.5 billion in sales. Everlasting City is one of the over 100 million merchants. This year, the Fliggy travels 2.17 billion, and the holiday category is the first place in the city. Sales are only around 110 million. Explain the contribution of other emerging businesses to the incremental. Among them, the Shanghai Disneyland, which was opened on June 16 this year, and the Madame Tussauds Wax Museum, which is owned by the Merlin Group, also include many small and medium-sized businesses.

As the market continues to increase, competition is inevitable, meaning that the traffic that each merchant can get is more dispersed. This puts higher requirements on the product planning ability of the merchant, the ability to grasp the market demand, the precise positioning and promotion ability of the customer, the ability to accelerate the service, the ability of professional marketing, and the ability to control upstream resources and optimize the chain. standard. How to empower the merchants in the late stage of Fliggy, we can only wait and see.

Nine, early years, the standard drainage model is gradually being marginal

In the early years of the Alibaba travel double 11 singles day big promotion, the standard is a very important role, this is also the area of the early price war is very powerful. Through low-cost drainage, and then associated sales, to improve customer unit price, is the marketing practice of past merchants, this game is not much different from the other categories of the Tao, but the tourism experience is not strong, and the vicious competition of the standard is not conducive to The development of the business. In this year's double 11 singles day, the concept of single ticket explosions has been greatly weakened, and the proportion of attractions such as attraction tickets, exit wifi, transportation cards, visas, and car rentals is getting smaller and smaller. The outbound supermarkets launched are more focused on shortening customer decision-making cycles, and the early low-cost diversion has been two different modes.

In this big double eleven promotion, we can see the promotion of the Fliggy in the globalization, the layout of the resource side, the innovation of the technical level, and the related actions of the offline payment with Alipay. However, Ctrip's position in the high-end customers of business travel is still leading. The pressure and competition behind the carnival is intensifying. Can younger brands and positioning bring about effective transformation? Can the big promotion model continue in the future? The challenges are still quite a lot.

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