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Hu Junhua Chen Jiayi

Tsuen silver Hi-Tech (300087.SZ) announced a few days ago, with Long Ping Transtech Services, Dunhuang Seed Industry and other 11 seed companies and the China Seed Association jointly invested RMB39.8 million to set up Beijing Love Seed Network Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Love Seed Network "), Test the water online to sell seeds.

Dealers in some parts of the domestic market phenomenon (decks refers to the unauthorized use of regular seed brand, this reporter note flooding, farmers strong demand for genuine seeds. Seed industry practitioners told First Financial Daily that in some parts of Northeast China, about 90% of the corn seeds are decked. Basically, the "first jade 335" pioneered by DuPont is only about 10% Is the formal factory genuine seeds.

Insiders told this reporter, large seed companies through the e-commerce channels to sell seeds directly to farmers, the prospects are promising. Tsuen silver Hi-Tech said: "The continuous development of e-commerce in the seed industry, to a certain extent, unblocked the purchase and sale of seeds and promoted the informatization and modernization of agriculture."

However, the implementation of online sales of seeds in the industry seems difficult.

According to the "Law of the People's Republic of China on Seeds," the seed management system is implemented. The seed operator must first obtain the seed operation permit before applying to the administrative department for industry and commerce for the application or changing the business license with the seed operation permit. The effective area of ​​the seed business license is determined by the license-issuing authority within its jurisdiction.

In practice, the seed distributor shall, in addition to complying with the regulations of the administrative agency that define the business area, also implement the seed company's delineation requirements on the business area. The person in charge of a seed distribution company told this reporter that the seed dealers have a specific business area, and the seeds of Jilin distributors can not be sold to the Liaoning market. If the online sales of seeds, how to make farmers in Guangxi can not buy the seeds of Northeast China, banning the establishment of the audit mechanism for cross-regional operations, this is the seed seed business platform must solve the first problem.

The second challenge selling online seeds is the issue of unified management of online and offline prices. The seed industry said that the seed company's existing sales system are basically entities of the store, involving the store's rent, labor and other costs, online sales platform in this regard, the cost is theoretically lower than the line, the same product line On the price below the line, the benefits of offline physical dealers damaged seed companies difficult to achieve a bowl of water level.

This reporter search Alibaba platform, "Xian Yu 335 as an example," the lowest price of 6 yuan per kilogram, the source of seeds for the Jiuquan in Gansu, the price of another shop is more than 35 yuan per kilogram, a disproportionate difference.

Insiders also pointed out that the seed is a special commodity, is viable, after sales, there are technical support and after-sales service issues. At present, farmers choose seeds, formal companies will also organize on-site observation club, and carry out the appropriate on-site technical training, farmers see the truth will order. The person said that the payment of seed sales, in the end is the cash on delivery or the first paragraph after the goods, if the farmers pay first, the seeds appeared in the process of logistics transfer package, the poor quality of the seeds and other risks are likely to happen.

Tsuen silver high-tech admitted that as the seed industry e-commerce is still in its infancy and exploration stage, the purchase and sale of seed network credit and regulatory, technology and service issues have not been considered and effectively resolved, the domestic seed industry, the relative lag and slow development of e-commerce . For the seed e-commerce platform may face problems and solutions, Orrygin, Long Ping Transtech Services, China Seed Association and other participating agencies refused to respond.

Public information shows that the registered address of Love Seed Network is Haidian District, Beijing. It is positioned as a third-party independent service platform for agricultural materials, agricultural technology, information and agricultural products focusing on seed business. Insiders said that now Taobao, Jingdong and other e-commerce platform has been more developed, the big seed companies set up their own business platform to build e-commerce sales, processes, payment, settlement, logistics and other aspects to be rebuilt from scratch, a great risk. From a risk control point of view, the seed business is not as good as the establishment of a mature e-commerce platform stores, groping experience, and then set off.

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