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Hu Haiyun Feng Difan Tianjin Binhai New District and Shanghai Pudong New area are often compared to the outside world, the new coastal zone in the economic scale beyond Pudong. The National Development and Reform Commission recently disclosed data shows that in the first half of this year, the total GDP of Binhai New district, Pudong New area is 223.128 billion and 222.663 billion yuan respectively, Binhai more than Pudong nearly 500 million yuan. The gap was widened to 20 billion yuan in the first three quarters. It also happens to be the number of new Pudong new area GDP over Binhai new district last year.  2009, the total GDP of Binhai New area is 380 billion yuan, Pudong is 400 billion yuan. Binhai "Ten Battles" scurry Binhai New Area A backbone enterprise's related personage to "the first financial daily" reporter said, the Tianjin Binhai New area development mainly relies on the resources and the project to drive, "the big ethylene, the big oil refining, is the national project, the policy has many."  "The main factor in GDP performance is investment-driven, which is decisive." National Development and Reform Commission Regional Division Planning Office that the Binhai New area has more than 2,700 square kilometers to develop, and Pudong counted Nanhui also but 1000 square kilometers area.  This is one reason why Pudong has a weak stamina in infrastructure construction.  And for Pudong, is currently in a painful transition period, the Pudong Institute of Reform and Development, Secretary General Yang Zhou that in the process of growth and even in situ steps are normal.  The big investment is undoubtedly one of the important reasons that the Binhai New area wins in the economic growth race.  Following the launch of 375 items of 50 million yuan and above in 2009, the Binhai New area planned to arrange 455 items of 50 million yuan or above, with a total investment of 959.8 billion yuan in early 2010.  In the second half of last year, Binhai New Area launched a comprehensive "ten battles", covering 2270 square kilometers of land in the whole Binhai New area, involving a total investment of 1.5 trillion yuan, including speeding up the core area construction of Binhai New area, speeding up the construction of the central business district of the Yujiapu, speeding up the construction of  In addition to large-scale infrastructure construction, major projects have been settled in Binhai New area, but also to help push the local economy to take off.  This year, the Airbus Tianjin assembly line has realized two Airbus A320 series aircraft, the first domestic aviation industry fund settled in Binhai, here has gathered more than 20 aerospace enterprises, is becoming China's important aerospace industry base. In Nangang industrial zone, PetroChina (Nangang) 1 million cubic meters of crude oil commercial reserve project completed a few days ago, the total investment of 980 million yuan.  In addition to this project, PetroChina Group also invested in the Binhai New area of China-Russia eastern refining, PetroChina Tianjin natural gas pipeline, China Petroleum Engineering company Tianjin Project Implementation Center and other projects. The large investment in Binhai New area is directly reflected in the data of its fixed assets investment growth rate.  In January-November this year, the new district completed a fixed asset investment of 306.094 billion yuan, an increase of 38.5%, more than 35.7% of the first three quarters of the growth rate of nearly 3%. Compared with the "7+1" in Pudong,Pudong has not had such a large investment in recent years.  This April Pudong Chang Jiang in the first financial interview said, he went to the Binhai New area, see their development scale, momentum, speed, all the people there will feel blood boiling. However, he also said that although both are new areas, are comprehensive changes in the area, there are many similarities, but the two are different, that is, the stage is not the same. Based on Pudong has been built for 20 years, with a very good foundation, "we may be more to the industrial structure upgrading, the formation of core competitiveness, international participation in the competition (this direction)." "Affected by the financial crisis, the 2008 Shanghai's main economic indicators have slipped, the economic growth rate for the first time in more than 10 years less than two digits." So, "adjust structure", "promote transformation" the action strengthens. Shanghai Mayor Han Zheng had pointed out that Shanghai would rather slow down some of the pace of development and strive for greater space to speed up restructuring and promote transformation.  And Pudong as the first pilot area, but also bear the city's two requirements: innovation-driven, transformation and development.  In fact, for economic development, Yang Zhou that more should be focused on the indicators are per capita disposable income, output per square kilometer, local fiscal revenue, the proportion of foreign banks deposit loans, independent intellectual property rights of High-tech industries, rather than a simple gross domestic product. And the next round of growth in Pudong, in the "7+1."  Earlier this year, Pudong has put forward the conception of "7+1" 's productivity layout, which divides Pudong into a comprehensive free trade zone, Lujiazui financial and trade area, and the international tourism Resort, which is the core of the Disney theme park Project, and makes the Pudong International finance, shipping and ITC functions to specific regions. "7+1" The potential of these areas, once stimulated, will burst into great economic energy.  For example, the Lujiazui plate, completed in 2009 more than 30 billion yuan in taxes, Ginger has said that if the local financial policy once open, this local productivity growth will be explosive. "Of course, the development of Binhai New area will also put pressure on Pudong, which is to speed up the transformation and accelerate the results." "Yang Zhou said.
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