The first new product will march into cloud storage after the merging of Jinshan network

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January 21 Morning News, according to people familiar with the information, Jinshan network will introduce a new product in the near future, there are close to the Jinshan network of people said that the new products may be related to the current popular cloud storage.  The person said, Jinshan Network CEO Fu in an internal meeting of the company said, based on reliable security technology, cloud storage will be the next important development direction, more and more users need to share on the network, storage of various types of information, whether to provide safe, stable and convenient service is very important. It is said that after setting new product ideas, Jinshan network internal mobilization of major research and development forces for product development, in the near future will be formally launched.  The product is internally expected to subvert the existing network cloud storage services business model. At present, there are Dropbox, to provide consumer-oriented personal cloud storage services.  These companies rely mainly on charging users for space expansion costs as a profit model.  Jinshan Network has not commented on the matter. Observers said that because of personal photos of netizens, the rapid growth of video, as well as the storage and sharing of various documents, and the need for secure, convenient storage on the web has become urgent, not only for large capacity, but also for service providers to ensure that the services are stable and capable of providing multiple platform synchronization on the Web, PC and mobile.  , and it can protect user's privacy strongly. According to a third-party study, domestic cloud storage services will grow rapidly this year, and independent agency Springboardresearch expects the cloud storage market to grow rapidly from $6.05 million trillion in 2009 to $200 million in 2014. (Lin)
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