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I began to revise the Code of the website at the end of March, and hung up the station on April 1. Then sent some of their own articles, April 3 I see Baidu actually included my site, feeling a little excited, I first time to do the station, feel the first step of success. For the site master, do a station is Baidu included simply too simple, novice not the same feeling.

I remember the day of March 29, I went to register a domain name, feeling can be relatively short, apply for a good domain name I will put the site, I started to do the first step of the site, and then I began to find the Web site procedures, find a lot of business network procedures, and they think the same, and later in a forum on the release of a program, Feel free to open a feeling more can, I have come to revise. One day later, the things that I changed were done, on the beginning to do optimization, this optimization how to do, I am not very clear, looking for a lot of relevant information looked, casually on a little article, and then on their own selected and a keyword, Chongqing merchants network, Chongqing Beauty, Chongqing Specialty, Chongqing housing rental, Because I do is the portal, I do not know what the keyword is better, so did not do, and then no day to release four or nine articles. April 3 I see, Station was included.

Now I still insist on sending several different types of articles every day, then went to find some good friends of the station to do the link, in the days to come, I hope the rankings can go up, now want to find some master point, the days after how to do what they want, do not say profit, but their own in the heart to a sense of accomplishment is also a good My qq:7786684 my website hope and everybody one's progress, the Masters all give me to introduce a little you to do the experience of the station, then I later study and grow up to greater success and help.

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