The five details that the novice should not neglect in the website optimization

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Baidu updated yesterday, the author of the blog because of a complete revision caused by K, now the snapshot of the site, but can still find the home page, the situation is not very serious, Xiao Wu believe that will soon be able to recover. Below we get to the point, a lot of friends have just contact with SEO, then we should pay attention to the site optimization when the details of the problem?

First, do not appear the accumulation of keywords

A lot of novice friends in order to increase the keyword density is crazy to add keywords, although the final keyword density went up, but the accumulation of suspicion, so still did not do the optimization of Hefei, we just maintain in the keyword density in the 2%-8% can, but if the keyword did not reach, as long as in this interval can be, Do not deliberately to pursue, blindly add keywords. The website description is also, we want in the description reasonable inserts the key word, the general key word appears two times, generally guarantees in 200 characters characters.

Second, original content or false original

Content for the king, the quality of the site content is very important, there are many beginners in order to increase the collection, wantonly collected, to the end may lead to the site is K, so the novice in the initial stage of the best to try to add some original articles, or false original can also. Although we were really tired when we updated the content, it was very enjoyable when we found that our rankings were rising. If there is no time, try to ensure that a piece of original.

Third, the establishment of the site map

There are a lot of novice will ask, my website content how did not include, then the author wants to ask, do you establish a whole station map? To guide spiders to dig deeper into the content of the site? Now the site map has two main formats. XML or. html, as to how to make Web site maps online There are many tools, such as small reptiles. Site Map production, we can submit to the phase search engine, where the map is mainly for Google Yahoo, Baidu's role is relatively small, but can still submit HTML format.

Iv. website URL Simplification

Many novice when the site is easy to ignore the website URL optimization, when you open a lot of novice web site will find a lot of content link level is very deep, in fact, for a small site, generally only need a layer of subdirectories. If your site content more, more classified, then it is best not to more than three layers. The site's URL is best if this form of, this will, of course, there is the static site, if the server does not support static flowers, we can be made into pseudo static form, the online tutorial more, we can go to the reference.

V. Website pictures and JS

Many beginners in order to pursue the beautification of the site, home page put on a lot of pictures, and some even the whole station is flash, and search engine for these difficult to identify, then we should be in the picture and Flash and JS call when the corresponding annotation, that is, the use of Alt. This is beneficial to search engine optimization.

Above are the author in peacetime operation process accumulated a little experience, hope to be useful to novice friend. Due to time constraints, there are a lot of content is not stated, I hope you understand.

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