The five major problems that electric dealers are facing at present

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February 14 Valentine's Day just after, March 8 women's Day continued, March 14, "" > White Valentine "Again, today 3.15 is also the horse" Spring Thunder Action ", Electricity business every day festival, you let user sentiment why Ah! To be sure, the electricity business of the 2012 is basically a big earner, in particular, Taobao, cat, Jing-dong, in 2012, sucking up the user's blood, the most lovely is the vast number of female users, in 2012 this year, for the major electric business enterprises to send money, so that Ma Yun, Liu and so happy unceasingly. As a result, in 2013, both the traditional enterprises and the existing electric business enterprises, are ambitious, and intend to expand this year, in the field of electric power. But the electric business seems to be looking too beautiful to be aware of the current problems.

Frequent holidays, users will have a sense of purchase fatigue

Although the 2013, the electric business to expand, continue to increase the purchase of users, but every day, frequent festivals, users will not have to buy fatigue? Perhaps female users will not, because shopping is a woman innate patent, but the net buys the user not only only the female, but also has the male, I believed that no man has nothing to go to the net to buy every day, even if is sees the festival to be greedy a little to buy the spot, but buys every day, This is similar to most men do not like shopping, men do not have so many things to buy. Besides a woman, buy a dress today, buy a cosmetics tomorrow, continue to buy, can buy every day? But you can see every day of the electricity dealers above discounts, activities, promotional information, today is Taobao, Day cat, tomorrow can be Jingdong, poly-Mei excellent products, and, every time the electric business activities will advance and postpone, less than three days, more than seven days, anyway, you buy every day. As everyone knows, frequent festivals, users will have to buy fatigue drops.

The problem of true and false of electrical products always exists

Recently, a few big electric business platform are falling into the product of true and false problems are questioned by users, Poly-Mei excellent products, when all caught up in the false product turmoil, for a while, the reputation of the business sector shattered. As an electric business platform, how can we allow this fake product to exist? Deceive the user, the ultimate harm or their own. Users are the fundamental of the electricity business, especially the old users, go a few a few, so, the electrical quotient of this product should be strict, to eliminate false products to users, this involves reputation and brand issues, whether large electric business or independent commodity licensing, should take this as a ring, to avoid such a thing happen.

Logistics problems need to be improved

There is news that the millet mobile phone because of logistics problems, delay in the hands of users. The author thinks: Any net buys the user, when buys the product, the logistics may give the product to hit 40 points. A product under normal circumstances, more than three days, users of the product logistics is difficult to trust, and the attendant, will be on the shop or the electric business enterprises lose confidence, if it is repeatedly due to logistics problems, so that products late, then users will no longer trust the store. Logistics problem has always been a short board, although some improvement over the years, but with the increase in courier costs, express delivery to slow down the event or sometimes, this needs to rely on the efforts of the electric business enterprises, logistics problems do not improve, users can not afford.

Price wars are always hard to avoid.

Why do so many users like online shopping? Or because there are quite a number of users because they want to find the Internet to the economic and practical good goods, and "money" problem, will lead to the emergence of major business prices, small businesses can not afford to fight, big businessmen spit blood. And when the user found that the so-called "lowest price" is not the lowest price, the merchant will be discarded by users, price war is helpless, but also inevitable, play not to fight, not to you, not dozen, you do not want to make money.

Less user loyalty

With the increase in the number of merchants, selling more people than buy the phenomenon has become more and more obvious, a number of businesses seized the phenomenon of food is endless. And the choice is much, causes the user loyalty to reduce, you this not to be possible, I may change one, anyway where all has sells, is the merchant to develop the user this "the spoiled" the present situation, the user's fastidious, lets the merchant the competition to be more and more big, but, who lets the others be "ye"? The merchant still wants the ticket?

Don't look at the current electric business booming, hundreds of millions of of the figures are dazzling, but now these problems are more and more obvious, the discount caused by the user purchase fatigue, product authenticity, logistics, price war, user loyalty, these are the problems must be solved now, the current commercial "in the gap between survival" is not too much, Businesses want to make money, they should solve these problems.

Someone said before, the electric dealer just looks very beautiful, now it seems, indeed, to want to eat meat on the electric business, you must give a little sweetness to taste.

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