The Five Principles of "the invincible" of the grassroots stationmaster

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China's internet turmoil, I believe a lot of webmaster still remember it! Countless web site experienced by the ups and downs of life, the storm brought us more is endless pain, the face of XX Department of Policy, the face of the bad means of IDC, we fell, the strong webmaster, fell up to continue to advance, but, To make the site invincible, then we have to do the following:

1, not against the wind and must record

The website record is our basic state policy, is also wise, through the site of the record, can effectively prevent those "yellow gambling virus" type of site, endanger the society, poison teenagers, presumably this is all grassroots webmaster support, although, now the record new rules more and more trouble, let a person headache, but, As a webmaster we do not find a better way, then, we need to comply with this rule, otherwise, the loss can only be a grassroots of us.

2, do not forget to back up the site database

Database backup is very important, many webmasters do not think this habit is not necessary, if you think so, then you are wrong, through the IDC "One-size-fits-all" barbaric practices, we learned that not to back up the site is to suffer, many sites are dead to the security problem, was Hung horse, was black is a headache problem, but, As long as we regularly back up the database, then, the site will be in the shortest possible time to revive.

3, do not buy garbage host

Low-cost virtual host is good, of course, but, garbage virtual host let people have no language, many websites are largely dead in the hands of space merchants, when buying space, do not buy the so-called "inexpensive" host, "cheap goods, good goods are not cheap", this problem, especially in the domestic, Such a host should pay attention to, otherwise, your site will die very miserably.

4, disharmony content to give up

Some webmasters like to travel in the "grey zone" of the Internet, the content of the website will involve copyright, grazing, sensitive keyword, but, as the website tends to strict management, this kind of content is very difficult to eat open, this kind of information website even transfer to foreign country, also is not good, a number of US virtual host prohibit to place obscene content, and ixwebhosting host in their Chinese official station on the user agreement clearly written ban obscene content, harmonious society should have harmonious content, not only to resist and not harmonious to be away from.

5, the disharmony of advertising content to be discarded

Site content is not harmonious we have to resist, but for the advertising content of the disharmony, webmaster also need to pay more attention, this time after the Internet storm, I believe that adult products will be a lot less ads, if your site wants to develop, for these tend to the legal edge of the ads, please reject it, although it can bring you a good advertising costs , but its harm is very big, and will give a person a kind of unprofessional feeling, thus unfavorable to your website development.

The domestic Internet environment is still relatively grim, however, as long as you can do the above five points, then, your site will not appear much of the problem, even if there is a problem, you can recover in a short period of time, do their own thing to do, for a rainy day, then, our site will be invincible.

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