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With the development of the Internet, as well as more and more enterprises to the Internet marketing attention, leading to SEO has become a hot industry these years! The huge demand has led to the flood of SEO market in recent years, then the SEO overflow will will be to seoer what effect?

First: Future SEO work will become more and more difficult

We know that the search engine home page on those 10 locations, and with training, books, networks and so on led to SEO has become the mainstream, the talent is increasing, the position is so 10. To this end of the throne will become more and more difficult to sit, in fact, this day many old Seoer is deeply experienced. In the beginning of the SEO, random collection of thousands of articles, send a few outside the chain can be very easy to make a website traffic tens of thousands, but later collection replaced by false original, and now in addition to original, no other choice! In other words, there is a good chance that in the future, an excellent optimizer will begin to face a new station, Nothing can be done without success. And now the personal SEO success, will gradually become a team, otherwise it will be difficult to survive! This shows that the SEO work in the future will be more and more difficult to do the competition.

Second: SEO charges more and more high, when more than the bidding, SEO can still survive

Because of the flood of SEO caused the home page competition is fierce, and have the ability to sit on the throne, certainly the tariff is getting higher. But we know it's going to be high, but bid! That is to say, when we through the SEO to the home page cost is bigger than the bidding rank, our seoer living space again where? Sometimes I have always suspected that the SEO industry is very popular, but according to the extent of such a flood, how long can we do? This is a great pressure on seoer.

Finally: The inevitable trend of SEO industry Analysis

For a few short years to form a career and let a lot of people to pursue the hot industry, will face great pressure and challenges. An emerging industry, because the number of competition is small, so very popular. But because of the rapid expansion of the industry because of the popular, then the industry collapsed after all, I guess now a lot of seoer can not find a job. Coupled with the characteristics of SEO industry: Search Engine Home location is limited, will lead to more seoer difficult to survive.

Summary: The industry's talent demand is very large, leading to rapid expansion of the number of SEO industry! But also because the Search Engine Homepage Throne Limited characteristic, causes the SEO difficulty to be more and more big, seoer will be difficult to survive. The flood of SEO caused the future seoer great pressure, I think this should not only I a person's concern.

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