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Trust a website after a period of time SEO work, ranking club Rose, and this point is believed to be doing SEO friends have been working hard at the center of gravity, and this article, do not want to say how we should do SEO work, but said that when SEO ranked excellent stability, we follow the SEO work, Also believe that this article can bring new receipts.

First of all, maintain the site, when the site ranked excellent stability, we should still strive to send out the chain, today, how many friendship links, tomorrow to write how many soft, or how much the day after the blog, etc. outside the chain of work, and here, in fact, they want to say, when a site ranked stable, outside the chain and so on , it should be slowly reduced, rather than maintain the current even more than the current hair outside the chain of energy, should put more energy in the user experience above, the user experience is the next step we should maintain the center of gravity, and observe their own site's user experience is what should be seen, once I have optimized a site on the relocation company, That time is desperately to do outside the chain, but, when the key word went up, you will think I still want to continue to do a lot of outside the chain, but this time, when the chain more and more, moving the company's website ranking is not good, and even the ranking one day, the outside chain more, down the faster, here, Baidu must be the site user experience of the investigation, bounce rate, PV, such as a city +seo site, in fact, there are many sites can be maintained better, the user experience to do the best, many rankings of excellent local SEO, are slowly buried in the outside chain, an article written, not too much communication, After posting the comments, there is no interactive information, or the update is slow, and so on, these are the web development of the gap, the user experience is, interaction, is to maintain the atmosphere of the site, dare to write, and the site of their friends responsible attitude, this attitude, is the user experience before, after some time, I have to write a personal website out, to properly maintain their website, this is necessary;

Analysis of the site there is a point, that is the analysis of data types, for example, statistical tool out rate, bounce rate is related to the quality of the article, so that each of your friends can happily write comments, to express their feelings, and let their articles have quality, update the frequency to maintain, so as to have the lowest bounce rate, high PV, PV is your site's highest value performance. Stability of the article points, improve the quality of the article, strengthen interaction, is the focus we should put.

Secondly, the analysis of the site, which I suggest or a lot of research on the structure of the site, because when you use the chain piled up in the rankings, you may ignore the site structure of the most critical points, when your ranking over time wood Sometimes, this time should not be outside the chain of problems, but should be the structure of the problem, Only a good structure plus a link can be maintained, if only the link, this will not be very stable, as I have seen many sites, many friends sit up after, not careful analysis of the structure, and then slowly be Baidu to expand these errors, ranking on the 1.1 disappeared, must be a good start to check their own structure, This is the next step in the ranking of the site after the core.

Again, mining sites, after maintaining the user experience and mining structure, the next step is to dig the site's long tail words, long tail word this is to excavate endless, so the energy also must put on the whole, that is the mining directory, and product long tail words, find a lot of long tail words, whether it is a catalog or product, can be derived from a long tail to the next layer of the long tail, there is a way through statistical tools, statistics, which keywords came to my website, I believe that every day there are many keywords to their own website, then statistics of these keywords source, is also a good way to dig, so, fully understand the long tail keyword, It's also a point, like moving the word, you can find from Baidu, for example, how to find a moving company, what moving company is the best, and so on, in fact, Baidu know and paste a lot of information on this, more mining some users to ask questions, from these ways to get their own needs of moving information, I believe that soon , you will be able to find a large number of words, so as to promote their own website, after all, the long tail is the flow, is the embodiment of their own site values.

When ranked up, you need is to adhere to the site, mining user experience, mining site long tail word, is now the thing to prevent the loss of site rankings, so that users experience for us to speak, improve their quality of the site, Guangzhou moving company, Http://, is a site about moving information, with their own station to improve their own such a system, believe that soon, will be the overall view of the SEO to build up, do a good job of the site's ranking and ranking after the maintenance, but also we strive for the direction of demand, after all, each site is required to use SEO to make a good build.

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