The "Four great method" of comparison of mobile phone

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The "Four great method" of comparison of mobile phone


After the spin-off of Taobao, the wireless business merged into a Amoy net, a Amoy net naturally became the consumer entrance of the network shopping. From the search to parity, a Amoy network plays an important role in guiding consumption, a linked shopping site, a traditional shopping mall, opened the line under the online consumption of all the threshold.

The news revealed that, on the eve of the national Day, a Amoy network will follow the mobile phone WAP version after the launch of the iphone client, the wireless shopping entrance open more, creating a new consumption pattern. We know that the current Taobao, where guests, Jing Dong, when, 1th shop, Ke Lan, excellent Amazon and other traditional internet companies have begun to compare the power of comparison services, more than 10 of comparison software on the Internet than the strength of the call, the emergence of the mobile phone parity, nature has become a shopping site competition focus.

Comparison of mobile phone is not a fashion, but a trend, and will become a powerful driver of wireless e-commerce. Therefore, mobile phone parity must have four elements:

One is the whole network search function.

Mobile phone shopping is not limited by time and space, as long as the client input to buy goods, you can go directly to any shopping site, neither open a number of sites, nor do not compare the Internet page. Amoy iphone supports full web search, provides a variety of screening and sorting methods to help consumers in the shortest possible time to choose the right goods.

The second is the effective comparison result.

Consumers are most sensitive to prices, whether in the field or online shopping, prices are often the most impact on the outcome of the transaction factors. Around, understand the consumption, the loss does not suffer, the consumer handset grasps the initiative of parity. It is reported that a Amoy iphone can be included in the whole network more than 2000 shopping sites, comparable a lot, if you choose to order by price, you get "reliable" price reference standards.

Three is the line under the all-in-one.

Compared with the price of the internet, the phone is not thoughtful, and sometimes online shopping malls do activities will have more concessions. It is said that a Amoy iphone to the comparison shopping search and local concessions combined, local concessions to support 170 cities each day more than 20,000 preferential information updated in a timely manner. Through historical prices and real price parity, online prices and online discounts, consumers can make a most astute shopping decisions.

Four is the comparison convenience shopping.

The basic goal of parity is to help consumers pay the minimum time and investment costs, and then choose to buy their best products. For example, consumers see a product online, you can through the mobile phone client, online parity, you can also check the nearby stores the same merchandise discounts, select online under single or offline direct purchase. Consumer and business information symmetry, consumers no longer passively accept a business information, but a multi-party parity, so as to choose the most ideal price, share the same city people's information.

According to the general consumer psychology, consumers buy a commodity, always worry about buying a loss, with a mobile phone parity, it can reduce consumer concern to the lowest, and help consumers build rational consumption and sensible consumption of self-confidence. At present, the average daily visit to Taobao through mobile phone and the volume of traffic growth are very rapid. The virtual and realistic boundaries of shopping are being broken, and the fun of the phone parity is just beginning.

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