The Future is Near and Tmall Genie Fangtang Brings New AI Surprise

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[PConline Talk] I have such a wish since I was a child. I hope that I can have a robot like science fiction in the future. I feel cool and cool. Until later I saw Jarvis in Iron Man, the highly humanized AI technology was amazing, but I still felt that it was very far away from us and the cost would be very expensive. I have never thought that the AI smart industry at home and abroad has developed rapidly in recent years, and the arrival of the Tmall Genie has made us see that the future is no longer far away.

Tmall Genie Fangtang (TG_C1) Magic Rock

The Tmall Genie Fangtang Devil Rock is the 11th week limited edition commemorative edition of the Tmall. It has been used since the acquisition of this smart speaker. At the same time, it is also equipped with smart bulbs and smart sockets. From the experience point of view, the combination of three sets of sets at a price of less than one hundred yuan really gave me a very good smart home experience. I can control the light bulb and water heater by talking. I can use the smart speaker voiceprint to pay for the order online shopping. I pay the phone bill, order delivery and so on. Simply put, it can be divided into the experience of using smart speakers alone and the experience of using smart speakers with smart homes.

Tmall Genie Fangtang Magic Rock Use Experience

Peace-saving fashion versatile design

Let’s start with the experience of using the Tmall Genie Fangtang Magic Rock alone. The Tmall Genie Fangtang magic rock ash is relatively compact and belongs to a relatively lightweight smart speaker. The color is outstanding and rich in texture, the appearance is relatively simple, the soft and sleek shape with the tough line has a feeling of fashion and trendy, belonging to the design that can be versatile with many home decoration styles. This is the first thing I have to consider when choosing a product. The product can't be awkward. It's not good to buy it when it comes to decorating the home environment.

Rich content and entertainment experience

Tmall Genie Fangtang supports audio sources such as Shrimp, Le Ting, and CITIC Academy, and will not lose to any smart speaker manufacturer in the richness of audio resources. And these contents are basically from the industry owned by Ali, and the big business is good. Tmall Genie Fangtang has a huge audio resource library of over 10 million music music libraries and 1 million audio books. In terms of audio experience, the professional acoustic team has repeatedly passed the DTS international certification. Although it is a single sounding unit, it still has a good experience in the performance of sound quality. The actual listening feeling is clear, bright and full of nature.

In addition to music, there are a wealth of preschool resources, such as children's stories, children's children's songs, etc., can help preschool children learn knowledge in play. Encyclopedia of biology and stories can accompany children and entertain. In addition, the weather, check news, voice shopping, mobile phone recharge, call takeaway, horoscope and other functions are all available, it can be said that the entire Ali system of ecology has been integrated into a small smart speaker.

Special voiceprint payment experience

Voiceprint payment is currently not possible with other smart speakers in China. This is mainly because the Tmall Genie has received a full range of industry support from Alibaba. It is very convenient to use Tmall Genie to combine Alipay for secure payment. At present, China's two major third-party payment platforms - Alipay and WeChat, Tencent's WeChat payment has not seen the emergence of products with such technology.

(If the correct personal voiceprint can be paid normally, if the person or non-authorized person will fail to pay)

The experience of voiceprint payment has made me truly experience the experience of “rice to mouth”. It is a step by step to use voiceprint recognition to pay after voice outlet. Moreover, the online shopping recharge phone bill is “the last time I bought a potato chip and then I have a pack”, “help me charge 10 yuan for the phone bill”, and then I can complete the payment through voice guidance. Of course, you don't have to worry about security. After many experiments, unauthenticated voiceprints are really unrecognizable. Both convenience and security are very good functions. Of course, it is hoped that such a convenient voiceprint payment can support more fields and environments in the future, and realize all-round safe and convenient payment.

Suite smart home experience

At present, like many people, I am also renting a house. If I rent a house, there is a problem that I can't install smart appliances. When the landlord is renovating, I will not consider your use needs to install smart appliances. I have bought a similar smart speaker before and only used it as a network music radio. This time, the price of the Tmall Genie Fangtang Devil Rock is less than 100 yuan. The smart socket and the smart light bulb together really give me a preliminary intelligence. Home use experience. The entire connection process can also be achieved by the voice command “Tmall Genie Finding Teammates”, which allows the voice control to go further. The entire process from identification to connection to control can be achieved using only voice commands.

The smart bulb is controlled by the Tmall Genie voice to enable remote switching and adjust brightness and color temperature. Support different smart bulbs according to the position of the room, such as switch bedroom bedside lamp, dim dimming living room lighting. For example, it is possible to adjust the brightness to 20%, adjust the color temperature to 60 (0-100), and the like.

By using the smart socket, the mechanical switch's electrical appliance can become a smart home appliance in one second, and the voice control and remote switch are all immediately in control. Precise positioning, easy to classify management, such as controlling bedroom air conditioning, night lights, living room TV and kitchen rice cooker.


Some people may hesitate in the early days of the popularization of smart homes, but the Tmall Genie Fangtang Devil Rocks will be able to get a preliminary smart home experience at a price of less than 100 yuan for this 11th anniversary. Very good value, even non-smart home appliances can be precisely controlled by adding an intelligent infrared remote control. Air conditioning temperature adjustment (adjusting air conditioning to 24 ° C), TV adjustment (I want to watch channel 21) and other voice commands can be in one step.

Going out in the morning and saying ""Tmall Genie, I am going out"" can help you turn off all the appliances in the house. At night, I will call out ""Tmall Genie, I am back"", electric lights, air conditioners, water heaters, purifiers... automatically open, In the past, many things that needed to be done or even needed to move can be done in one sentence. Now the Tmall Genie Fangtang Devil Rock has lowered the threshold for everyone to get a smart home experience at an affordable price. More secure voiceprints pay for black technology, direct voice outlets, online shopping, etc., and even have a voice can control the ""world"" feeling, this kind of command is still a little cool.

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