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I think, now to say a mover, the future should not be too. And with the rapid development of smartphones, social networks have begun to move toward mobility, and the industry's giants, represented by Facebook, are now being laid out around the mobile landscape. is the domestic social networking site also began to accelerate the transformation of the field of the pace of change, have started their own "mobile journey."

Renren, once known as China's Facebook, is already transforming itself into a mobile business and hopes to make a profit by buying a group or a mobile gaming company to avoid the marginalization of the site. And Renren's mobile business revenue has accounted for 10% of its total revenue.

With the rapid establishment of social profiles, social and mobile obviously has become the inevitable trend of traditional internet transformation, and in the era of mobile internet, the traditional PC position is gradually replaced by the smartphone, and through mobile terminals to access the number of users of social networking sites, the development of the internal mobile network has shown an explosive growth trend, and human social behavior is also moving across commercial, vertical, social networks, to mobile social development.

In the mobile internet era, mobile devices will not only become the main network browsing channels, but also mobile users more active than PC users. Mobile interconnection will be an important driver of social networking in the future. This is the mobile, the more terminal, the Super Personal center, all these are to build a more perfect social network to lay the foundation.

Happy NET CEO Cheng said, how to emphasize the importance of mobile Internet is not excessive, especially for social network applications, mobile Terminal competition on the product to put forward more stringent requirements, need to consider the user experience to achieve the ultimate.

Everyone CEO Chen that for an internet person, mobile Internet is the last important battle, this battle will end at most 5 years. Up to two dominant companies control vertically integrated ecosystems, including mobile operating systems, app stores (open platforms), payment services, and killer apps. The next 5 years will focus not on pure innovation, but on competition, the vertical integration of value chains.

Today, the convenience of online communication and interaction anytime and anywhere makes mobile socializing a huge attraction for users of PC-side social networking sites. This mass migration has enabled PC-side social networks to scramble to move the mobile internet and are eager to increase the stickiness of their users and attract new users through the convenience of mobile social networking.

At the beginning of 2012, happy net successively adjusts the internal organization structure, the original wireless division personnel all enrich to the product line, and realizes to the mainstream smartphone platform full support. Since April, happy Net first launched a new private social mobile application of "beauty", and then its independent research and development of the first mobile social game "fun Animal Kingdom" also officially in the App Store online. This series of moves to expand the mobile business, but also by the outside world as a breakthrough for its future business growth.

On Renren, the development of Weibo has had a serious impact on everyone, despite the lack of direct competition from Facebook. On the other hand, advertisers ' social network advertising spending has also shown a general performance. So everyone is changing the business model.

For everyone, the key growth lies in the cost of research and development. Chen, CEO of everyone, said that in order to gain access to sites in fast-growing areas, including the mobile internet market, everyone in the two quarter invested 17.8 million dollars, twice as many times as a year ago. The increase was due to recruiting engineers to specialize in mobile program development. Companies are spending 45% of their workforce on mobile, with half the time spent in the last two quarters on the mobile business.

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