The game experience is very bad "lost Planet 2" won IGN6.0 low score

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Game Name: Lost Planet 2 Chinese name: Lost Planet 2 game release: Capcom Game production: Capcom Game languages: English game type: Third person shooting release date: October 15, 2010 today IGN gives the PC version of the Lost Planet 2 rating, Only 6.0 of the low points are expected, and the very poor operating experience evaluation is quite in place.  Maybe you are not interested in playing customs, it is OK to test the video card. Overall feel 7.0 points: "Lost Planet 2" menu and options appear outdated and clumsy, often to the ongoing game caused trouble.  The number of options is plenty. Screen Performance 9.0 points: "Lost Planet 2" is a content-rich game, with many different scenes and enemies.  One of the boss Akrid left a deep impression. Sound Performance 8.5 points: background music is very grand, the effect is very good.  It would be nice to have some more playback frequencies. Hands-on experience 5.0 points: the operation of the response is poor, the cooperation model is not good, level design is worse.  The root of the game is its biggest problem.  Resistance to play 8.0 points: "Lost Planet 2" game is very rich, from the cooperative model to the Super many multiplayer map. Overall Rating: 6.0 points game screenshot: Final comments: "Lost Planet 2" in the development process seems never to their target audience to show their own, so it also lost the opportunity to ask questions. If it ever did, there would be players asking them all sorts of questions: "Why should I suspend the game only if I set the game to ' no join ' mode?" "And" Why can't I join in an ongoing cooperative mode game? "Why are these monsters killing me with just two?" "If developers can hear these" why "in the process of development, their work will certainly be different from the present one. The single mode of the game is about 14 hours long and there are many multiplayer maps and patterns. One thing you need to be aware of is that it's best to insure your controller, "Lost Planet 2" bad manipulation will make you throw away the controller angrily ... (Digging the shell net)
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