The GBLS Hangzhou Million Summit Closes: Achieve the First Summit of the Blockchain

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On June 6th, 2018, the Global Sleepless Blockchain Leaders Summit and China International Blockchain Products and Equipment Exhibition opened in Yunqi Town, Hangzhou. The summit was co-hosted by the Hangzhou Economic and Information Technology Commission and the Hangzhou Xihu District People’s Government. The Blockchain Technology Application Association of Zhejiang Province, the Yunqi Small Town Management Committee, the GBLS Organizing Committee, the Golden Tower, the Golden Academy, the flag point consulting Co-hosted, co-operated 1,000 media, and more than 300 blockchain companies displayed publicly. The exhibition area of the booth is 20,150 square meters. The 4th conference hall and the GBLS product fair are held at the same time. The total area is more than 300,000 square meters. The number of people on the scene reached more than 20,000 and it was the first summit of the blockchain industry.

At the opening ceremony, Vice Mayor Ma Pinfang of Hangzhou Xihu District delivered an important speech and wished the conference a complete success. GBLS founder Zhao Changyu delivered a speech and took only 60 days from preparation to opening to become a miracle in the blockchain industry summit. The summit brought together Prof. Luo Yong, Vice President of Strategic Research Institute of China International Engineering Consulting Company; Dr. Steve, Chief Scientist of Penta; Chief Data Intelligence Officer of McDonald’s (China); Zeng Linzheng, Bila Capital; Many blockchain industry leaders, Youdeal’s chief advisor Dong Chuanming and other experts and scholars and entrepreneurial elites, they together around the “Innovation and Integration” theme of the conference, interactive exchanges in the form of speeches and roundtable forums, product integration in the blockchain field , technological innovations and risks and investment opportunities are discussed in depth. More than 20,000 spectators from around the world gathered in Yunqi Town to listen to the unique insights of the great blockers on the blockchain.

A technology-based industrial revolution is sweeping the world, changing people’s lifestyles and ways of thinking. As a disruptive innovation and technology, the application of blockchain technology has become a worldwide topic. According to Ray Yong, the vice president of the Strategic Research Institute of China International Engineering Consulting Corporation, there are two major categories of blockchain development. One is the large-scale application of blockchain technology combined with traditional economic fields to generate new business operation models. These models will deconstruct the traditional corporate organization, everyone will participate, and everyone will benefit. Based on the characteristics of the blockchain system’s communalization, the production relationships of consumers, producers, and beneficiaries are transformed. The second is based on the characteristics of blockchain distributed storage, decentralization, and asymmetric encryption, expanding the application of blockchain in real life.

Youdeal, as the project most concerned by the investors in this conference, announced that it has reached a strategic alliance with the leading personal service trading platform in China. The contract is the largest personal service trading platform in China, and has maintained high-speed growth of mobile users for a long period of time. The APPStore ranks higher than Telegram. Youdeal will introduce blockchain technology in more than 300 industry transactions, bring 50 million users to solve practical problems in living services by matching user needs and supply, resolve trust and privacy issues in platform transactions, and create decentralized “Social + Trading + Blockchain” business model.

Dr. Steve, Penta’s chief scientist, said in his speech that blockchain technology also has outstanding advantages in solving large-scale system engineering and integration. In terms of risk management and verification, it can enable both parties to cooperate on the basis of trust.

In addition, Professor Wei Xianhua of the School of Economics and Management of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Zeng Linzheng, Director of the Zhejiang Financial Science and Technology Association Committee, Cao Yu, Estonian Digital National Advisor and other well-known experts and scholars also gave brilliant speeches on blockchain technology.

At the roundtable stage, Tao Xingsheng, the founder of Consensus University, Cai Dong, the chief intelligence officer of McDonald’s (China), and Sergey Grybniak, the founder of Opporty, and other experts on blockchains in various fields, will “the economic structure of the global blockchain and its impact on China’s economic development. As a roundtable issue, guests expressed their opinions and pushed the conference atmosphere to a climax. Youdeal Chief Consultant Dong Chuanming believes that digital assets will be the largest assets of mankind. The blockchain will change people’s production relations. The introduction of blockchains in the platform of all-people trading will achieve the perfect unity of “consumers, service providers and owners”.

The round table in the afternoon was also full of dry goods. The two roundtables discussed “how the blockchain economy can help the transformation and upgrading of the real economy” and the “risk and future of the blockchain under the boom”. Several guests also provided innovative ideas for landing blockchains.

The summit focused on the core issues of exploring the frontier technologies of blockchains, industrial venture capital investment, and the actual application scenarios. The GBLS incubator project was also officially launched at the summit of the Yunqi Township in Xihu District. In addition, a “chain” of the blockchain field is officially launched. The GBLS Organizing Committee introduced: “As an online product of GBLS, the blockchain business cards rely on the resources of the GBLS Summit and strive to build a line. We have a platform for sharing human resources, breaking the barriers of people in the blockchain industry and stimulating innovation.”

Blockchain technology, as a disruptive technology from the era of “information Internet” to the “trust Internet” era, will completely restructure the Internet production relations. Its infrastructure in the era of AI and big data interaction has increasingly become a consensus of the market. The specific path and business model for its economic empowerment are also being actively explored.

In the innovation session, keynote speeches, roundtable discussions, and project roadshows were set up. In the discussion based on the development of blockchain technology, multiple voices were sent out. This was in conjunction with the founder of the capital, Ji Jingyu, partner of the Asia Pacific FormulA Foundation, Song Ziqian. The in-depth dialogue triggered deep reflections on the creative power of the people present.

The investment conference venue mainly consists of four parts: speeches, trans-ocean dialogues, roadshows, and round table forums. The guests focus on the blockchain investment opportunities in the global environment. The launch of the WBO annual heavyweight plan also triggered a lively discussion.

The British Hive Capital also participated in the node campaign of this conference. The theme of the speech was “The property of the blockchain industry is globalization”. The main content highlighted the hive capital in the overseas blockchain European and China blockchain industry. Cooperation opportunities, because the booming of the blockchain is also inseparable from the trust and support of every people in the world. The blockchain itself is to solve the problems that the modern Internet has combined with the traditional industries to achieve win-win cooperation. This brings more convenient and efficient living experience to the global human beings. This is a great goal and is achieved through the blockchain trust mechanism. The goal of global blockchain workers.

The conference covered the development trend and future of blockchain, blockchain application and investment, preaching blockchain, blockchain application scenario and blockchain project roadshow, and other topics to discuss the future development of blockchain As for the trend, the significance of holding this conference is to build a blockchain industry integration platform, promote inter-company exchanges, and promote the healthy development of the blockchain technology industry in China.

At the conference site, the Blockchain Technology Application Association of Zhejiang Province announced that the Association and the GBLS Summit formally reached strategic cooperation. Hangzhou No Sleep Technology Co., Ltd., which will host the summit, will become the vice chairman unit of the Blockchain Technology Application Association of Zhejiang Province. In addition, the GBLS Global Blockchain Leaders Summit has confirmed that it will permanently settle in Yunqi Township and become the third international industry summit after the Yunqi Conference and the 2050 Conference.

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