The global dairy industry Benniu Cattle Ranch is expected to be completed in September

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The author recently for Wuchang rice related topics on business trip to Heilongjiang Wuchang, by the way is under construction in the global dairy industry is under construction in the Benniu cattle million head ecological pasture. Unannounced investigations in the author learned that Benniu cattle farm in April has been fully started.  At present, the sandstone is ready in place, mechanical equipment all up, according to the construction drawings are processing the foundation, piling and other work. Global dairy Benniu cattle million head Ecological Ranch plan investment 350 million yuan, located in Heilongjiang Province, Wuchang 30 kilometers away from the two River township, covers an area of 500 acres.  201 Years November 20 The global dairy industry benniu Cattle Ecological Pasture, held a grand commencement celebration.  With the development of large-scale and intensive dairy farming, many dairy enterprises have invested in the construction of pasture to ensure the stable quality of milk source.  According to the workers at the construction site, it is expected that the main pasture project will be completed in September and the main equipment installed at the end of October. The construction of global dairy cattle benniu ecological pasture indicates that global milk has rapidly developed into a vertically integrated dairy enterprise in the upper and lower reaches. With the huge support of the central and local governments, the global dairy industry has gained the savor grassland and become the first modern ecological demonstration pasture which is built by the natural barrier and ecological isolation mode.
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