The gold price of the IR is set at 26 yuan

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Panorama July 1, High-gold infrared (002414) Thursday evening Notice that the company's initial public offering of a shares of the IPO price determined to 26 yuan/share, corresponding to the 56.52 times times P/E.  The unit will be implemented on July 5, 2010 (Monday) online, web-based purchase. Gold Infrared This issue number is 75 million shares, of which 15 million shares under the network, accounting for the issue of the number of 20%, the number of online distribution of 60 million shares, accounting for the number of the issue of 80%.  The issue of stock purchase referred to as "gold infrared", the purchase code for "002414", the application of the abbreviation and the purchase code for this issue under the network, online purchase. The online purchase time is July 5 from 9:30 to 11:30, 13:00 to 15:00. Participating in this online purchase of a single securities account for the purchase of the Commission not less than 500 shares, more than 500 shares must be 500 shares of the integral times, but not more than 60000 shares.  The time of subscription for the issuance of this network is July 5 from 9:30 to 15:00. Wuhan high-Efficiency Infrared Co., Ltd. is the main business of Infrared Thermal Imager product development, production and sales, infrared thermal imaging is one of the international competitiveness of the local enterprises.  Company's products are widely used in electric power, security monitoring, medical and quarantine and other fields. The issue of fund-raising funds to invest in the industrial base of infrared thermography, Infrared optical processing center, infrared thermography Research and Development and experimental center three projects, the total investment of 475 million yuan. (Panorama net/lei)
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