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With the rapid development of cloud computing technology, cloud video conferencing business is also growing rapidly. More and more enterprises will be through the cloud video system to achieve interaction, at any time to enjoy the cloud video conferencing system to bring services.

Enterprise users need only through a browser, it can be in the company, the family and any time, any place, any equipment to enjoy the service, to achieve enterprise, enterprise and consumer communication, the real realization of "video everywhere" vision. Cloud video conferencing not only for enterprises to bring convenient and efficient communication, but also can reduce the cost of communication enterprises, and gradually become the enterprise's "Good Wife."

Video conferencing has been the development of the market still faces many challenges, especially for small and medium-sized customers, video conferencing system deployment of a large one-time investment, and higher maintenance costs later, become a major factor in inhibiting market development. However, after the advent of the cloud video conferencing, the small and medium-sized enterprises will be removed from the large number of hardware costs, reducing the use of video conferencing services to the threshold.

In addition, the rise of cloud-based video conferencing Solutions has become the main driver for companies to start using video conferencing because they have not been able to withstand traditional videoconferencing in the past. Traditionally, businesses have had to buy cameras (also become terminals) and multi-point processing units (MCU) to support video conferencing, however, based on the cloud video conferencing so that enterprises do not need to buy their own MCU, small businesses even need to buy a conference room terminal products is enough, which greatly reduces the cost of corporate video communications.

The rapid advance of cloud Video Conferencing Service mode is also one of the important reasons that cloud video conferencing has become the "good Wife" of enterprises, in China, as the main driving and service provider of cloud service and video conferencing service, telecom operators are moving the cloud Video conferencing service model to the market rapidly, while at the same time, Manufacturers also play an important role in driving cloud video services. It provides a wide range of cloud products and solutions for customers to choose from, to meet the service provider's investment, management and operational needs, to help them quickly into the market. So in the next few years, accelerate the real landing of cloud video and the popularization of domestic applications will become important strategic direction of major manufacturers.

With the development of video conferencing technology, the advantage of cloud video conferencing is becoming more and more prominent, showing the incomparable superiority of traditional meeting mode, and the trend of cloud video conference mode replacing traditional meeting mode is already. In this market environment, enterprises want to stand out in the wave of competition, we must use High-tech to save costs, improve efficiency, reduce operating costs, and cloud video conferencing is an essential strategic weapon.

Believe that in the future, the cloud video conferencing, the enterprise's "Good Wife" will help enterprises continue to develop.

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