The Grand Theater prepares the Lantern Festival to perform the Peking opera "Big Two" lead

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"Da • Two" Kang Wansen "da" two "Lu Yang" da "two" Li Xingwen Central National Orchestra Sina Entertainment News Festival, after the Spring Festival is another important traditional festival, this year's Lantern Festival, the National Grand Theater carefully planned a series of high standards of performance,  will take you into another brilliant colorful world. "Big · Two": The most enjoyable Peking opera workmanship drama 13 (February 15) Lantern Festival Eve, Tianjin Opera House will be the strongest lineup to land the National Grand Theater, with a long play "Big Bao Country • Higen" for the capital audience to congratulate the Spring Festival. "Big Bao Country ·" The Emperor Mausoleum · Higen "big · Two", also called All "Long". The story is about the period of Ming Dynasty, a thrilling court power competition and struggle. "Da-Two" Shan nearly hundred years since, this drama has always been hailed as "the most enjoyable opera workmanship drama."  The reason this play is the most enjoyable, one is because the play has a large number of beautiful melody, difficult aria, can let the fans over the foot play addiction, two is because the play has always been in the drama troupe, Tsing Yi, hammer painted performers, a number of business together on the stage is a great show. "Da" two, "big Bao" three main characters of the aria is quite, "exploration of the Emperor Mausoleum" to Xu Yanyang large sets of Erhuang singing as the backbone, Majestic and Gaoqiang constantly, the net line of famous singing stirring and full of charm. The essence of the play is concentrated in the "Higen" a compromise, the fans have an old saying, called "Tingxi to listen to Higen", which shows the classical of the folding play. Here not only concentrated the most of the classic aria, so that students, Dan, net three of excellent performers can show their outstanding skills, one of the "kneeling Palace" in the scene of the three duet is the most exciting, raw dan net "fish bite tail" singing treatment methods, not only expressed the drama of the fierce debate, but also produced a peculiar beauty, compact, hearty  , High tide. There are many "dream combinations" in history, Tan Xinbei, Chan, Liu Yongchun has performed "Higen" renowned chrysanthemum altar; the 1930s, Junqiu, Tan Fuying, Wang Quanqui, the first "big Bao country exploration Emperor Mausoleum Higen" three vocal dramas, the last century 50 's, Tan Fuying, Junqiu, shengrong cooperation, also let "big ·" Two "The quality of the play has always been a pinnacle. The performance by the Tianjin Opera House of the strongest lineup to pick Liang, Yang Naipeng, Kang Wansen, Li Xingwen These three old artists will be a high popularity of Lingke, Lu Yang, Wei Yigang, Wang Jiaqing and other young actors for the Beijing audience to offer this classic play. Yang Naipeng is a famous poplar, Li Xingwen is a leader in the art of Yi, Kang Wansen and Meng Guangro, Deng Jinwei and said Jin door "Three High", he sang is the top of the painted-painted "Shong tune", Can sing for three consecutive hours and ease, known as the Chinese painted on the "Iron throat steel pipe."  The combination of these three people can also be called the peak of today's dramatic. Three national concerts in addition to traditional opera, February 16Japan and 17th, the National Grand Theater will also serve the audience with three Lantern Festival concerts. 16th, the famous conductor Tan Lihua will lead the Beijing Symphony Orchestra, bringing a symphony concert called "Rachel's Night" to present 10 dozen Chinese and foreign classics to the audience. Among them, both the "Jasmine", "River drips Water", "to flower" and so on melody beautiful Chinese folk music adapted orchestral works, but also has Strauss, Dvorak, Tchaikovsky and so on "Melody master" dance drama Music and Waltz. 17th, Xu Zhijun will stick to the 50-year history of the Central National Orchestra, bring a national concert called "Lights the Night", for the audience in the "cloud Chasing the Moon", "Unforgettable Water Festival" and other national orchestral works, as well as "the Spring River Flower Moonlight", "Hung red light" and other national instruments pipa, flute as the protagonist of the works, and by the "  Small King "Jay Chou composing, Xieyang adaptation of the erhu, cello and band works" Chrysanthemum Taiwan "will be a fresh debut. February 17, China's "Chant + Guzheng" performance of the first person-Changjing will also bring in the small theater called a very special new classical zither concert. Changjing is currently China Oriental Dance troupe Guzheng, she is not only Zhang Yimou's film "Hawthorn Love" the chief performer, but also at the opening ceremony of the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games to play the classic "Spring River Flower Moonlight." The guzheng talented woman focused on the Tang and song Poetry of the Guzheng Music performance and research, creating a new music realm, creating an unprecedented music style. Her music is so penetrating that it cannot be declined.  On the day of the Lantern Festival, she will bring "the Night", "Long Acacia", "Garden mange", "Spring River Flower Moonlight", "Farewell My Concubine" and a series of beautiful romantic music, will let the audience fully appreciate the charm of guzheng. It is reported that during the Lantern Festival, the Peking Opera Master Baojiu led the "Meihua incense Rhyme" will also be performed in the Grand Theatre. After that, the two drama dramas by Shanghai Dramatic Arts Center will also give you a full play addiction. "Comedy Master" in the Rey Coux of Genius, the popular global drama classic "Chaos", will be a Shang comedy comedies. Wang Yansong, director of Cao Yu's works "Thunderstorm" will again Bloom classic immortal charm.
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