The grasping module of a health network health-care column with Knight Station Group System (II.)

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This section enters the use of the Knight Station group system to a Health Network crawl module Process 2 production, take the link to extract the content, in the ordinary course, this section is the visual extraction, I have done so, but through screening, how can not get out, had to set the regular formula through the source file to success, Just do not understand can go to website to watch related video.

Find the entry address mentioned in the previous section: HTTP://MAN.XX.NET/NXBJ/BJCS, let's go inside and see:


See it, these are articles, a piece of article Na, quack Gaga, grabbed, take away, one does not stay, three, and so what, do it, find the source file:


Here I have the source files and pages are transferred together, this is easier to see, oh, the article on the page, in the source file have seen it, the use of regular, all extracted, here I tried other methods, is not, only the use of regular, to extract, do not know whether it is JS because of the problem, Using the Knight site to provide: The Knight of the regular test tool, testing the regular formula bar:


Well, the regular formula extracts the content link successfully, after copying the formula,

On the return page:


Click "Process 2: Get Content Link", Pop-up:


Select unnamed rule to eject


Good drop, so that process 2 even if the extraction is over, one step of the preservation can be, the process of 3 content, the next book again.


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