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As with the traditional financing project, the stock-raising project all need to disclose the business plan to the investor, the different is, the stock-raising project is for the public raise, so in the disclosure of information need to be more complete, more normative, in addition, to the "public chip" this feature also need to attach some specific instructions. As a financing project, the stock-raising project is naturally necessary to include some basic information in the business plan of the traditional financing project, such as company information, ownership structure, team information, product/service information, business situation, future planning, and so on. But what additional explanations are needed for the equity audience? In this connection, the author combines the actual operation experience of the stock-raising platform, summed up the following points: 1, the scope of financing. In addition to determining the financing quota and the transfer of shares, it is also necessary to define the scope of the successful financing of public equity. Because of its popularity with the public, it is likely that the financing will be less than 100% and possibly more than 100%. If the amount of financing is less than 100%, the proportion is acceptable, below the proportion will be regarded as a failure to raise capital, it is necessary in the design of stock-raising products to explain. Angel Street For example, the current project to raise 1 million yuan (10% shares) has been fully completed, but if the project will eventually only melt to 600,000, whether the project party agreed to finance 600,000, transfer shares 6%? Similarly, the ceiling of the financing ratio is set to how much, higher than the proportion of the recognition will no longer accept, these also need to be in the design of stock-raising products clearly. 2, the stock of shareholders to raise time. The traditional financing project business plan is not open to the outside world, so there is no specific requirement in the financing time, and the financing plan can adjust the content according to the time lapse and the project progress. However, through the way of stock-raising, the information information is generally not allowed to be changed in a limited time, so it is usually necessary to set the time for fundraising. In general, the period of 2 months after the official release, but also need to explain that, if the time is due to raise the amount of money is not completed, whether to support the extension of the time, the extension of the period, and so on. 3, the request of the cast. Currently, the way to invest in the project company is usually as follows: All investors form a partnership, and the partnership holds the ownership of the project party. The executive partner shall, on behalf of the limited partnership, enter the board of the project Enterprise to fulfill the investment management responsibility of the investor. In general, the executive partner is a group of people, the project specifications can be put forward to the requirements, such as the owner must be a field of experts, a certification association president, upstream and downstream of a company boss, in addition, to the number of people who can also set a range of recognition ratio. 4, with the requirements of the cast. In addition to the number of investors outside the casting is known as the investor, the Partnership Enterprise Law stipulates that the limited partnership is established by more than two or more than 50 partners, so no more than 49 people. However, in practice, the project will be based on their own circumstances to set the number of investors, and each investor can identify the scope of the range. For example, for the more sexually demanding consumptionType of project, you can set a lower number of each recognition, more investors, conducive to dissemination. For the integration of the higher requirements of resource projects, you can set a higher level of each recognition, so that the threshold is higher, although less investors, but relatively professional. These can be set according to the specific situation. 5. Good faith management. After the investor determines the investment intention, may need to carry on the multiple rounds interview to the project, the project side may also select the investor, at this time involves the investor priority weight question. After the signing of the partnership agreement, investment funds into the corresponding accounts, from the intention to the whole period of the money is longer, there will be changes in investors and other issues. Good faith management effectively solves this kind of problem, and greatly increases the efficiency and standardization of the whole public-raising process. Different stock-raising platform has different credit management mechanism, such as credit scoring mechanism and margin system. Some platforms use the margin system, in the design of many products can be set to pay the investors priority mechanism and margin refund mechanism. 6. Identify specific rights and interests of investors. Investors often invest in stock-raising projects, in addition to achieving the goal of financial investment, often is also a loyal fan of financing projects, they often have a strong interest in the project to become the early seed customers or VIP customers, or to provide special resources docking and help, this is the stock of equity in addition to financing, Extremely important. Therefore, how to effectively use the first batch of resources to give investors specific rights and interests, but also the most eye-catching product design part. For example, the Product trial rights, service lifetime free rights, the website Gold members, agent distribution rights, and so on.
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