The group will restart its capital to consolidate its friendship or swap assets

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At the end of the merger of Unilever and Hualian, the new round of capital operation began. Hundred Shares (600631. SH), Friendship shares (600827. SH), Friendship B (900923.SH) at the same time issued a notice, because the company's real control of the group is planning a major restructuring related to the company, so the synchronization from yesterday's suspension for 5 working days. According to sources, the company may be under the friendship under the Department of General merchandise into the hundred shares, and the Hundred Union may be the hundred electronic Commerce limited into friendship.  Today, the Federation held relevant meetings. Sources said the restructuring may be similar to the "combined similar" approach of Unilever and Hualian. At present, the friendship shares under the friendship of South Mall, Western suburbs shopping malls and stores such as store-type business assets, 2009, Friendship chain stores business income of 856 million yuan, an increase of 23.01%. While the hundred shares are mainly department stores, in order to avoid competition, should be "similar merger", it is likely to be under the friendship of the department store assets into the hundred shares.  At the same time, the friendship shares may be under the Hundred Union Group of Electronic Commerce Co., Ltd., the business company's biggest bright spot is the Hundred union OK Card, because the use of a wide range, has been pointed out by the industry, the hundred only by OK card sales of the advance accounts of hundreds of millions of yuan per year. Yesterday, the tight-lipped. However, the first financial daily has learned from people close to the similar that, in addition to merging the strategy, the Friendship shares are a good "shell" for the company and it is definitely worth making good use of through reorganization. Therefore does not exclude its through the operation will the Friendship B shares return a shares, in the future, Lianhua may borrow by the friendship stock "the shell" to return a share market. Or it could allow Lianhua to exist in the form of "a+h" in the future. However, as Unilever and Hualian have just completed the integration, so the suspension of the restructuring and the direct relevance of the joint China may not be small.  But in the long run, there will also be an association with the capital operation of Unilever. Reporters through reliable channels learned that today, the Hundred group will convene half a year work conference, may make the group's future development strategy is clear. Stimulated by the reorganization of positive news, Lianhua (00980.  Hong Kong's shares surged yesterday to HK $33.050. It is reported that the first half of this year, Shanghai municipal government has completed the Shanghai Medicine (601607. SH), Shanghai Construction (600170.SH), Jinjiang Stock (600754). SH) and other listed company assets reorganization work. 2010 is the "Eleven-Five" Shanghai state-owned enterprises reform of the decisive year, it is estimated that this year will have more than 20 billion yuan capital through various means to achieve the listing. Photographer/Gao Yuwen
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