The group with health Yuan set up a single anti-pharmaceutical platform

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Yesterday, the pharmaceutical issued a notice said, to the holding shareholder health Yuan jointly funded 100 million yuan to set up a single anti-biotech company.  Among them, the Li Bead Group Cash investment 51 million yuan, the shareholding 51%, the health yuan to invest 49 million yuan, the shareholding 49%. According to the announcement, the company is tentatively named Zhuhai-Joo-yi-yi-yi Biological Technology Co., Ltd., the original intention is to establish a single anti-biological pharmaceutical platform to promote the company in the field of bio-pharmaceutical further development, improve the company's comprehensive competitive strength. Industry analysts said that the H1N1 has greatly promoted the Pearl group "antiviral particles" sales, the cost of the Pearl group to set up a single platform, or to show its commitment to the bio-pharmaceutical sector.
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